Positive Thinking

A positive attitude effects everything you do, from how you greet the bagger at the grocery store to how you interact with work colleagues, romantic partners, and family members. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's book, The Power of Positive Thinking, introduced the importance of positive thinking in creating positive change. Share positive thinking stories reminds us that a positive attitude can change our lives.

Tree in bud, promise of spring

The Green Gifts of Spring

When the trees set their tender new leaves, I am reminded that newness and beauty will always return to the world.

How to feel thankful during difficult times.

5 Reasons to Thank God for Difficult Days

None of our life experiences goes to waste. God can use all of them if we’ll let Him.

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Getting the flu on vacation. How to make the best of it.

The Peaceful Side of Flu on Vacation

The flu set in right as my plane touched down in Florida. Here’s how I preserved my inner peace while I recovered.

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Live by faith not fear.

How to Live by Faith, Not Fear

5 truths to help you break through the barrier of fear and pursue your dreams

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Learning about a positive attitude from a military son.

The Best Attitude for Tough Times

A military mom is inspired by her son when it comes to weathering harsh circumstances.

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When things come to an end.

What to Do When Things Come to an End

Accepting change and finding renewed vision when one season is over and a new one begins.

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Positive thinking

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Celebrating a renewed interest in how we can enrich lives with positive thinking

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Making New Year's hopes instead of resolutions

New Year’s Hopes Instead of Resolutions

4 intentions for a hopeful New Year, with the help of God and angels and community

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Putting self-improvement in its place

Putting Self-Improvement in Perspective

In the New Year, instead of trying to come up with a new me, I’m going to try harder to love the old me.

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Woman checking off To Do List

5 Ways to Shorten Your To-Do List

Here's how to easily cross out some of the stress in your life. 

Hugs and kindness for the New Year

Love and Kindness for the New Year

Let God make us all that we can be, showing the best of humankind to each other.

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Look for the little fixes in life.

The Easy Fix Challenge

Look for little ways to make life better, like avoiding gossip or the snarky comeback.

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Elizabeth Vargas

Guideposts Reader Favorites: Inspiring Stories of 2016

Read Guideposts readers' favorite, most inspiring stories of 2016. From Elizabeth Vargas, who overcame anxiety and addiction, to fun facts about dreams, there's something for everyone.

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Girl with New Years firework

Inspiring New Year Quotes

Check out our New Years quotes slideshow to guide you through 2017! These words of encouragement and inspiration will give you confidence to achieve your goals for the upcoming year ahead.

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