4 Ways Daily Bible Reading Will Change Your Life

Delving into God's Word regularly will give you a brand new perspective.

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In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to prioritize daily Bible reading. Many of us are dashing about as soon as we wake up, and don’t stop moving until we go to bed at night. Even if the desire is there, life often takes precedence over reading the Bible consistently.

Yet, on the days when I don’t read God’s word because I haven’t stopped moving, I notice something—I’m in a bad mood.

This is not a coincidence. We were created to operate within a godly rhythm of work and worship. When all we do is work, we’re stretching our body to operate without the essential praise experience we need to replenish ourselves. 

If we are to live the lives God designed for us, we must get back to what’s essential for us to thrive. We must move against the grain that tries to quicken our pace, slow down and pick up our Bibles. As a result, we’ll begin to see the world in a new lens, one colored with the hope and optimism we need to face the day.

As I made it a priority to read my Bible in the morning each day, I found my outlook on life was changing for the better.

Here are the four ways reading the Bible each day can change your life:

1) You'll gain a new insight on your problems.

Bible stories are timeless because they deal with universally human themes like stress, worry, fear, love and hope. The disobedience of the Israelites in the Old Testament, for example, can help you see the messes of your life--and God's mercy and grace towards you--in a new light. 

Whatever you're struggling with, let the powerful stories of the Bible better clarify what you’re going through.

2) You'll see God in a new light.

It’s difficult to notice God throughout your day when you forget how He operates. By reading the Bible each day, you can keep the nature of God and how He works at the forefront of your mind so you’ll always notice when He’s working in your own life.

3) You'll refocus your attention on what's important.

When you’re busy, your mind is focused on yourself, what you have to do and how you're feeling. But reading the Bible expands your perspective. It reorients you back to what’s important, like giving God His due time with you first and attending to your family, friends and neighbors in love.

If you find your mind is stuck on yourself, let the words of the Bible carry you to a godly perspective—that everyone in your day matters.

4. You'll make better choices.

The Bible teaches us that, "out of the heart the mouth speaks." Without even being conscious of it, we can store up sinful things in our heart based on what we spend our time thinking about or consuming in the media. Over time, these harmful items can transform our outlook into a negative one and can cause us to act or speak in ways that aren't godly or loving. That's why we're called to guard our hearts against such things. So you need to be intentional about storing up healthy things in our heart. 

By reading the Bible each day, we can be sure to maintain a healthy and life-giving soul which will flow out of us in every facet of our lives.

Don’t let your fear of missing a deadline or being late to work stop you from making a daily connection with God first. Slow yourself down and read the Bible each day and watch how your life will change.

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