A Bitter Person or a Better Person?

It all depends on how you choose to respond to life's blows.

Posted in , Apr 14, 2016

How to become a better person, not a bitter person.

At times, we may be unhappy with how our life plays out and feel as if we have no control, but what we never lose control of is how we respond.

A young World War II solider woke up in the battlefield hospital; his first thought was that he had had a terrible nightmare. Convinced he was not been injured, he moved his fingers on his right hand. He then felt an itch between those fingers and reached out to scratch it, but his fingers were no longer there. He was overwhelmed and devastated; he mourned the loss of his arm and the life he had dreamed of before the war.

A few days later, a fellow solider looked him in the eye and said, “Frank, this experience will make you a bitter person or a better person. The choice is completely up to you.” Frank pondered those words and thought about his choices: Would he become bitter or better? Angry or peaceful? Positive or pessimistic?

Become an OurPrayer Volunteer and Change the World One Prayer at a Time

The soldier knew he needed to turn to God for counsel and direction. He prayed daily for courage to become a better person. Eventually his perspective changed as did his outlook for the future. Many of his buddies remained trapped in bitterness. But not Frank. He became a counselor so that he could help others overcome their life challenges.

God can help us turn our challenges into opportunities and change our perspective as well. We can let go of anger and resentment and accept that our response can make us bitter or better.

God, give us the courage to become a better person in spite of the many circumstances we may face.

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