A Valentine to Winter

I'm not a winter person but I'm trying to think positive about it. Here are 10 things I love about the season.

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The other day I got an email from my coworker Nikki saying she was snowed in again. “I am so done with winter,” she wrote. “So. Done.” I’m right there with you, Nikki. I am not a winter person, and this year has been particularly brutal.

The bazillion layers of clothes, the mounds of dirty gray snow, air so frigid it makes my face sting—I’m sick of it. What I’m sick of most of all, though, is my negative attitude. I can’t change the weather but I can change my thinking. Why not try being positive about this chilliest of seasons? So here, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, are 10 things I love about winter.

1. Sleeping in (much easier to do when the sun doesn’t come streaming into my bedroom at 6 a.m.)

2. Snow makes my dog delirious with joy (she even eats it!)

3. Comfort food like lasagne, dumplings, sloppy joes and oxtail stew (I could go on, but it’s making me hungry)

4. How the city looks and feels like a winter wonderland right after a big snowfall and before the plows and shovels get going (I took the photo above on one of our morning dog walks)

5. The NFL playoffs

6. The fact that we have a holiday dedicated to the humble groundhog

7. Baking (it’s not too hot to turn on the oven)

8. Chinese New Year (it’s based on the lunar calendar and usually falls in late January or early February…Happy Year of the Rabbit!)

9. Curling up under a warm blanket with a good book

10. Spring is on its way!

What do you love about winter?

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