Cultivate Positivity in the Garden of Life

At peak summer harvest, marvel at the joy of your bounty—and your life.

Posted in , Aug 24, 2018

Summer harvest

When the tomato plants need extra support as their heavy fruits tug at the stalk in late August, or when the peach tree bends low under its fruity weight, I think with pleasure of the words of Galatians 6:7: “A man reaps what he sows.” 

Of course I would add a woman also reaps what she sows… But the idea in that verse fills me with an inspired sense of pride that I have managed to sow seeds and seedlings that have matured into something worth reaping—right onto my dinner plate, for the nourishment of myself and my family and friends.

As we look ahead to September and the official end of the peak growing season, I reflect on what else I have sown in my life, in my relationships, in my home and in my work. What did I plant that bloomed into emotional connection, love and fun? Were there seeds I neglected to plant? Some that, to reference another biblical image, did not fall on fertile soil? 

Even some parts of my otherwise prolific garden did not give me much to reap. My yellow zucchini plants, after producing a steady stream of firm, shiny fruits early in the summer, fell victim to a borer or some other pest, and withered before my eyes.  

In other words, sowing—even sowing with great care—isn’t enough to guarantee a harvest. Investments we make in friendships, work projects and self-improvements don’t always bear fruit either. And yet we continue to cultivate positivity, kindness, generosity and compassion—all the values we know make the world a better place when they do mature and come to fruition.

So whether your literal or proverbial harvest is rich and ripe, or sparser than you would prefer, don’t be afraid to gaze on the garden of your life and feel proud that you had the courage and foresight to sow hopefully and positively. Have faith that whether today or tomorrow, you will get the pleasure and privilege of reaping what you have sown.

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