Endless Summer

How I'm beating the end-of-summer blues.

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I’m having a post-Labor Day letdown. Much as I enjoyed the long holiday weekend, it’s also left me feeling kind of sad. Unlike my friend and fellow blogger Edward Grinnan, whose favorite season is fall, mine is summer. And I’m not ready for it to be over quite yet.

If you worked with me, you could tell. I’m still wearing white pants and sandals. I walked a mile at lunchtime today just to get a lobster roll from the Luke’s Lobster food truck. Not the most efficient use of your time, I chided myself as I hurried back to the office with my lunch, thinking of the stack of manuscripts that awaited me.

Then I sat down at my desk and took a bite. Chilled lobster with mayo, lemon and spices, all in a buttery toasted bun … totally brought back the mellow vibe of my lazy days in Maine last summer. It occurred to me: What better way to beat my end-of-summer blues and restore my positive attitude than by stretching my favorite season a little longer?

That’s why I’m going to keep doing summery things well past the autumnal equinox, which falls on September 23 this year. I'll wear white pants and sandals and bright colors on my toenails. Have watermelon every day. Watch baseball. Make limeade. Go for long outings to the dog park with Winky. Leave the gym with hair still wet from the shower. Try unusual flavors of ice cream … I’m getting Coolhaus’s brown butter with candied bacon next. Look at photographs from Alicia Bock’s Homecoming series (I have a print of "Bathing Beauties" on my nightstand). And bring on those lobster rolls!

End of summer? Nah, I’m going for endless summer. What about you?

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