Guideposts Reader Favorites: Inspiring Stories of 2016

This year, we've covered some incredibly inspiring stories and offered some practical advice on how to improve your life.  These are the stories that you, our readers, loved. You read these stories and shared them on social media and we've collected them for you. Read the inspiring story of ABC "20/20" anchor Elizabeth Vargas and how she overcome anxiety and addiction. See how Christian singer Kim Walker found her calling. Learn how a single mother learned the value of gratitude; find fun facts about dreams and see how one Guideposts blogger wrote  about life lessons from the dying --and how that story changed her father's life.  Those are just a few of the stories we've got for you!

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Man reaching the end of the mountain hiking trail

12-Step Sayings for Everyone

Group of strong hikers walking up a mountain

Inspiring Quotes About Strength

A flower blooming through the crack

Inspiring Quotes About Peace

Elizabeth Vargas

Guideposts Reader Favorites: Inspiring Stories of 2016