Independence Is Overrated!

Asking for help is hard. But needing others can be a tremendous blessing.

Posted in , May 21, 2012

Julie Ziglar Norman and Zig Ziglar on the cover of Growing Up Ziglar

This week, I asked author Julie Ziglar Norman to contribute a thought to the Deeper Well blog. There’s strong spiritual message of community and caring in the topic she addresses.

I’m learning that it is wonderful to need help. Years ago, a counselor told me that I was too independent.  He said I needed to learn to be interdependent and that until I did, I would be missing out on one of the most wonderful aspects of having relationships.

Over time I got a little better at needing others, but overall I still tend to be an “I can do that myself” kind of person. Asking for help is hard. I have never wanted to be an inconvenience or burden to anyone, and though I hate to admit it, pride has played a part in my attitude toward needing help. After all, Daddy always said I was “the little one who was everywhere doing everything.” I have a reputation to uphold.

Rotator cuff surgery reduced me to a heap of shameless neediness. It also opened the door for me to bask in the priceless care and attention of my middle daughter, Jenni. Oh, how I wish I had heeded my counselor’s words earlier. I have felt so loved and special and treasured—and did I say loved? 

Jenni drove the 50 miles to our home every third day for more than four months. She vacuumed, cleaned, emptied the dishwasher, kept me company, picked up stuff I need from the store—and that’s not all. Jenni cleaned my horse stalls!  And she cleans them even better than I do, and that is saying a lot.

Independence really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Getting to be with my daughter regularly after years of her being married and raising her own family was a blessing I hadn’t anticipated. I’m thinking I might get my knee fixed a lot sooner than I originally planned.

Julie Ziglar Norman, the daughter of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, shares her soul-searching journey from heartache to redemption that will help you discover the power of God's grace and forgiveness in Growing Up Ziglar.

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