Positive Beliefs, Powerful Actions

Purpose can help you overcome challenges.

Posted in , Sep 28, 2009

Jon Gordon

I was recently on a plane to somewhere when Leonard told me about a time when his life was going nowhere.
He told me how six months earlier, at the age of 54, he lost his job at a Fortune 500 company. He thought his life and business career were finished. No one is going to hire a 54-year-old sales professional, he frequently told himself. Each day he grew more fearful, pessimistic and depressed.
Then one day while taking a walk of sadness along the beach he thought of his 21-year-old son and it occurred to him...
If I give up now, what lesson am I teaching my son?
If I don’t overcome my challenges, my son will learn to let his challenges overcome him.
I need to show my son that even though Dad was knocked down, that he can get back up... so when life knocks him down he’ll know that he can get back up too.
Fueled with a bigger purpose to show his son that he could get back up after being knocked down, Leonard dusted off his resume, called friends and colleagues in his industry and reached out to various companies letting them know he was back in the game.
His positive beliefs lead to powerful actions. Instead of waiting to be fed like a goldfish, he became a shark and went in search of food.
Over a three month period, Leonard’s actions lead to a number of interview opportunities and four job offers. Yes, four offers!
Now he is with a company that appreciates his knowledge, experience, and talents. He reports directly to the president, and his future is brighter than ever.
Leonard is a testament that if you think your best days are behind you, they are... and if you think your best days are ahead of you, they are.
Positive beliefs lead to powerful actions.

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Jon Gordon is a speaker, consultant and author of several books including the recently released The No Complaining Rule: Positive Ways to Deal with Negativity at Work and the international best seller The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy which has captured the hearts of readers world-wide. Read more at jongordon.com.

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