Positive Thinker: Tamela Mann, Gospel Singer, Wife, Mom

The acclaimed gospel singer, wife and mom on her love of the outdoors, the best advice she’s ever received and the hardest thing she’s ever done

Posted in , Jan 27, 2022

Vocalist and actress Tamela Mann; photo courtesy @Tillymann Ent.

The hardest thing you’ve ever done Two things come to mind. First, going through childbirth and having pregnancy difficulties. The experience was life-changing, and it drew me closer to the Lord in prayer. Second, seeing my mom have Alzheimer’s for 20 years. She prayed for so long for me and my career but never got to see how it all came to fruition because of the disease.

The best advice you’ve ever gotten Change the things that are within your power to change, and don’t worry about the things you can’t change.

Real-life hero My husband is my real-life superman. David believes in me, encourages me, pushes me. He gives me accountability when I’m wrong, to better myself. He has helped me to become the Tamela I am today, with God’s help.

Favorite Bible verse “With God, all things are possible to them that believe,” which is actually a combination of two verses (Matthew 19:26 and Mark 9:23). The Lord responds through our faith. When I started believing for an answer to what I prayed, I could see my prayers coming to life.

Occupation you’d pursue if not your current one Optometry or interior design. One of my first jobs was in optometry. My best friend managed a vision retail store. Though I wasn’t an extrovert back then, I found my voice by being myself and helping people—and became a top salesperson. It was then that I realized how much I loved helping people get quality care.

I’ve always loved interior design. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. David’s family—his mom and aunts—showed me how to decorate on a budget. They knew how to take a little and turn it into a lot by freshening something up, painting, recovering, repurposing and shopping smart. Decorating is also relaxing to me. I love taking a theme and watching as the pieces come together to bring the theme to life. You’d be surprised how easy it is. For example, even the local Tractor Supply Company store can help inspire a rustic theme!

What you do for your spiritual well-being Prayer is like therapy for me. I can express myself to God and talk with him. I know that even if he doesn’t answer right away, he’s working. He speaks to my heart through his word, songs and even other people. Sometimes he uses time or another person to give me confirmation about my prayers or see the answer that I’m looking for when I can’t see it for myself.

Go-to place to pray Driving alone in my car. You can prevent interruptions by turning off the radio and phone, and nobody is going to walk up to the car to talk to you! Perfect place to talk to the Lord.

Early riser or night owl Night owl, for sure. I like to stay up late and sleep late if I can. I do get up early if I need to, though.

A surprising detail about you Even though I do a lot of dressing up, I love to be outdoors. I’m an outdoorsy person. I like to catch fish and clean them, take walks and get muddy. And I love spending time with family, enjoying the peacefulness and quiet outside.

We didn’t grow up with a lot of money. So we liked to create fun together by doing things that didn’t cost anything. One of my first fishing experiences was with my grandfather, brothers and cousins. We went crawfishing out in the country. My stepfather taught me how to remove the fish from the hook and clean it. I was never afraid to do it. When I take my grandkids fishing now, it’s always fun to watch their expressions when they catch the fish and I show them how to take them off the hook. Most of the time, we just throw them back in!

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