Positive Thinking and Pets: The Kitten Covers

Looking for some positive-thinking inspiration? Take a look at these hilariously cute "Kitten Covers."

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Positive Thinking blogger Amy Wong

I’ve blogged before about how my dog helps me be a more positive thinker. Even though my world is canine-centric (Winky would like to interject here: Well, duh, Mom, your life should revolve around me!) and I’ve never had a pet kitty (allergies), I have to say, cats make me happy too.

Especially when they’re seen through the eyes of someone as imaginative as graphic designer Alfra Martini. Check out her tumblr, The Kitten Covers (found via Anthology, one of my go-to sites for creative inspiration). Kittens and classic album covers? Genius.

Here are some of my favorites, but it was so hard to choose. You’ve really got to see them all. Why not start the weekend with a smile?


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