Positive Thinking for the Weekend

Sometimes the best way to recover from a long week is to think positive about the weekend.

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Amy Wong, a positive thinking blogger

Remember when you used to bounce back immediately from a late night? Of course, it’s a lot easier to recover from a John Hughes or Godfather movie marathon (my dad still wonders if I did any studying in college) than from a long night—or a string of long nights—at the office. I’m still so tired from the 60 hours at work I put in last week that I can barely think straight, let alone think positive.

That’s why I’m giving myself some positive energy now by looking forward to this weekend. It’s not quite counting my blessings. Let’s call it counting my blessings to come.

Here are three things I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Not working.
No matter how much we love our jobs—and I love writing and editing inspirational stories and connecting with Guideposts readers—we still need a break from them.

2. Cooking and eating well.
Trying a new recipe always makes me feel good. I think a slice (or three) of this Brazilian carrot cake will make me feel even better.

3. A long outing.
I’m planning a trip to the dog park with Winky, followed by a long nap for us both.

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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