Simple Pleasures of the Christmas Season

Simple Pleasures of the Christmas Season

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be overwhelming, but it helps to pause and savor the season's many simple pleasures. Here are some of our favorite joys of the Christmas season; post a comment below and tell us about yours.

  • Guideposts: A sidewalk Christmas stand in NYC

    The pine-y scent of a Christmas tree lot

  • Guideposts: Two boys pose for a picture on Santa's lap

    Watching your child pose for a picture with Santa Claus

  • Guideposts: A collection of homemade Christmas presents

    The satisfaction of giving gifts you made yourself

  • Guideposts: The covers of classic Christmas albums

    Beloved Christmas music from years gone by

  • Guideposts: Two children portray Mary and Joseph in a church Christmas pageant

    The inspiring sincerity of church Christmas pageants

  • Guideposts: An assortment of classic Christmas ribbon and hard candies

    Old-fashioned Christmas candy in cut-glass dishes

  • Guideposts: Mother and son smile as they decorate the Christmas tree

    Decorating the Christmas tree with your family

  • Guideposts: A modest home with a single string of white Christmas lights

    The warm glow of even modest displays of Christmas lights

  • Guideposts: Grandparents greet their grandchildren on Christmas morning

    A welcome visit from grandparents

  • Guideposts: A candlelit Christmas Eve service

    A Christmas Eve church service, lit by candlelight

  • Guideposts: A young girl composes a letter to Santa Claus

    A child's handwritten letter to Santa Claus

  • Guideposts: A still from It's a Wonderful Life

    Classic Christmas movies enjoyed with the family

  • Guideposts: A plate of homemade Christmas cookies

    The enticing aroma of homemade Christmas cookies

  • Guideposts: Unopened presents under the Christmas tree

    The infinite possibilities of unopened packages under the tree

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