Simple, Smart Ways to Realize Your Resolutions

Who says that resolutions only have to start on January 1?

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I was sick for most of the holiday break and and so I didn't get around to planning a New Year's resolution. But who says that resolutions have to start on January 1?

The whole idea of a New Year's resolution is to change some circumstance or element of your life, to achieve a specific goal.  So it's your commitment and readiness, not necessary the calendar, that should dictate the start of your positive change program.

Whether you have already made your resolutions or are still pondering where and how to focus your energy and time this year, you will find this FREE downloadable pdf helpful. It’s called Resolutions That Work and offers some stunningly simple yet very basic and smart suggestions on how to set and get to the goal or goals you want to reach.

I won’t give away any secrets or tips but the author, Serge Prengel, makes an important distinction between resolutions and wishes, discusses taking ownership and control of the process and seeing change as a creative process.

In the coming year, may you have the courage to dream big, the wisdom to plot your course and the persistence and tenacity to follow through. 

Plus, check out our FREE pdf on personal growth!

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