Special Delivery: All in a Day’s Work

These three mail carriers went above and beyond to help people—even save lives—along their postal route.

Posted in , Sep 22, 2020

A delivery man conversing with a senior woman.

How a Mailman and His Guardian Angel Saved a Young Girl’s Life

After decades on the job as a U.S. mail carrier, Thomas Cummins was finally prepared to retire on Good Friday. On his last day, his usual mail vehicle had already been assigned to someone else, so he was given a temporary vehicle. Right before setting out on his route for the final time, the mechanic ran over to give him a medallion with an angel on it.  “This angel had been with me almost as long as I’d had my route,” wrote Cummins. “She watched over my route through every flood, blizzard and angry dog. I thought, ‘Glad I didn’t leave her behind.’”

But Cummins soon realized just how fortuitous it was that he had his trustworthy angel by his side when he saw a little girl running back and forth across a busy, four-lane highway.

His Daily Routine Turned Into an Extraordinary Rescue

John Jordan enjoyed his job as a mail carrier, but sometimes he tired of the routine and wished he was doing something more meaningful. “I knew I provided an important service. College acceptances, birthday presents, postcards from all corners of the world—they could all make someone’s day. But I was just the messenger; it wasn’t me who was making a difference in people’s lives,” he wrote. Everything changed the day he heard a faint “help me” coming from the home of a 78-year-old woman on his route. Mrs. Dorman frequently waited for John at the door, so that the two could chat, but it was his knowledge of the diabetic test kits that he regularly delivered to her, that made the difference between life and death on that fateful day.

An Earth Angel Helps a Grieving Child

Rebecca Baker’s entire family was crushed when they had to put their beloved golden retriever, Jack, to sleep.  But four-year-old Anna was particularly distraught. Despite having been told the news several times, she kept asking tearfully, “But when is he coming home?” Finally, Rebecca suggested that Anna write Jack a letter in heaven.  “Anna smiled. She loved writing letters,” wrote Rebecca. “I knew she couldn’t expect a return letter like she got when she wrote to her aunts and uncles, but maybe just talking to Jack would be a comfort.”

Early next morning Anna got out her crayons and crafted a beautiful letter to Jack. “I placed the letter in an envelope and wrote the address in block letters: TO JACK IN HEAVEN. Anna licked the envelope and together we put it in the mailbox,” wrote Rebecca. “Once the letter was gone, I could only hope I’d done the right thing.” These concerns were soon put to rest when a special delivery showed up for Anna in the mail.

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