Spiritual Housekeeping

Just like in a real home, cleaning and upkeep are important to your spiritual maintenance.

Posted in , May 15, 2017

Spiritual housekeeping

For the past few years as I’ve driven back and forth to town from my home in the country, I’ve noticed a house that stood out from the others. In a neighborhood full of beautiful, well-maintained homes with landscaped yards, this house’s yard was overgrown with waist-high grass and weeds. Trees had fallen and been left to rot. Junk was piled up everywhere, and old vehicles that didn’t work anymore were parked on the property.

I always thought it was a shame since underneath the mess, it’s a nice house on a lovely piece of property. But a few months ago something dramatic began to happen. A new owner moved in. The old vehicles were gone, the weeds were chopped down, and the grass was cut with meticulous care.

It became a different house because somebody cared and made daily efforts to clean it up.

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The same is true of us spiritually. We think that others don’t notice if we miss our Bible reading and prayer time, or if we miss church on a consistent basis. But that’s when the spiritual weeds grow, when the neglect of our souls stands out just like that overgrown house.

I don’t want my life to be noticed because of negative things. I can’t help but think that when that home was neglected, it dragged down property values of the neighborhood. I don’t ever want to affect others because my life is a spiritual mess. I want to make daily consistent efforts to manicure my soul and remove anything that shouldn’t be there. How about you? 

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