Thanking God for the Gift of 5 Senses

Sound, sight, taste, touch and smell may not seem like a big deal, until you lose them.

Posted in , Apr 1, 2016

Thank God for the ability to hear, taste, touch, smell and see.

Sometimes God reminds us to be grateful for things we take for granted. I had one of those moments this week. An ear disorder has caused me to lose most of the hearing in my left ear. For almost two years now, I’ve dealt with the repercussions of that.

I’ve had to say, “I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?” when someone told me something. When my grandchildren tried to whisper in my left ear, I’ve had to remind them, “You’ve got to come around to Grandmama’s good ear.”

Low tones have been the worst, and that meant I couldn’t hear my husband’s voice if he walked on my left side. And after a lifetime of holding the phone to my left ear, I had to relearn that habit. But I’ve been so blessed to have one ear that still hears relatively well.

But this morning was special. I had an appointment with the audiologist to fit my new hearing aid. I had to fight back tears as I heard sounds in that left ear–sounds that I haven’t heard for the past few years.

As the audiologist fiddled with the computer to adjust the levels, I sat there and thanked God for a privilege that I’d always been grateful for but hadn’t fully appreciated until I no longer had it.

Here are five profound gifts from God that we should appreciate on a daily basis and give thanks for:

1)  Sound
For the joyous trill of the birds singing in the trees. For the oh-so-beautiful sound of our child’s laughter. For the moments when we hear the words “I love you.” For the ability to sit in church and hear the pastor’s message.

2)  Sight
For the ability to see the beloved faces of our children and grandchildren. For the beauty of a sunset. For the independence that sight gives us to drive and walk without assistance, and that we can walk to our pantry and read the labels on the cans.

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3)  Taste
For the first bite of a tomato fresh from the garden. For the delight of a comfort-food meal at our grandmother’s table. For the deliciousness of a still-warm cookie. Have you ever thought about how sad it would be if you couldn’t taste things anymore?

4)  Touch
For the softness of a baby’s skin. For the tender shoots of those first blades of grass in the spring. For the feel of our sweetheart’s hand holding ours.

5)  Smell
For the aroma of bread as it comes out of the oven. For the indescribable sweetness of little ones fresh from their baths. For the fragrant aroma of hyacinths and lilacs. Amazing gifts!

Take the time to appreciate what you can hear or see or taste or touch or smell today. Then thank Him for those everyday blessings. What have you noticed today that you are thankful for? Please share your observations below.

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