The Simple Summer Joy of a ‘Skort’

Skirt meets shorts! This seasonal item lets you look great while having fun, without busting your budget. 

Posted in , Jul 11, 2022

The joy of a summer skort

I love wearing skirts in the summer. They come in bright, cheerful colors and prints; they make me feel breezy and pretty; they can be as dressy or as casual as the day demands.

So what do I love more than a summer skirt? Why, a summer skort, of course! These sartorial wonders combine the two great bottoms of the warm season—a skirt and shorts—into a sweet, functional piece of clothing that brings me joy for a range of reasons, price being one of them.

First and foremost, let’s get real—in addition to being bright and breezy, summertime is also hot, hot enough to turn walking in a skirt into a sticky situation. The shorts in a skort are an innovation that saves your inner legs from chafing while leaving your skirt to sway easily as you sashay through the day.

Secondly, a skort lets me do anything I feel like doing—from hiking to biking to sitting on a picnic blanket—without worrying about how revealing my skirt might be. Modesty shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to summer activities that bring me joy. A skort lets me focus on having fun, rather than tugging at my clothing or holding back from being all-in on summer enjoyment with my family.

Finally, skorts are just plain fun to shop for these days. Unlike yesteryear when skorts were very short and usually worn for tennis or other sports, skorts are now the stars of a growing number of clothing retailers, in materials from denim to cotton to synthetic “performance” fabric that will keep you feeling as cool as you look this summer.

Are you sold on skorts? How do you wear yours?

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