Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.

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Celebrating typewriter artist Paul Smith and his inspirational story.

Roundabout 7th grade I enrolled in an intro typing class, mainly because it was about 80% girls, truth to tell. My enrollment was terminated halfway through the semester, due in part to my total incompetence at touch typing.

I was either staring at the Selectric keyboard the whole time or staring at…well, you can guess. That’s why I am typing this blog in my own unorthodox, hybrid method that blends touch with hunt and peck. I’m fast but I have to retype a lot of stuff.

Which is why the incredible story of Paul Smith amazed, inspired and shamed me (a little bit).

Like a lot of you I spend good deal of my day inputting information on an alphanumeric keyboard, probably as universal a tool as there is. I’ve never thought of it as much more than a device for getting my work done.

And then I came across this astonishing video about a man of incredible genius, faith and seemingly insurmountable limitations. A man named Paul Smith. Watch this video and you’ll never view your keyboard or typewriter the same. And it will make you rethink a whole lot of preconceptions you might have about people like Paul.



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