Why God Always Sees Your Worth

Never lose sight of the gifts you have to share with others.

Posted in , Jul 18, 2016

Why God always sees your worth.

Sometimes I get an attack of the “I’m not worthy” moments:

  • I look in the mirror and some pudgy old gal with wrinkles looks back. (The nerve of her!) Yes, that’s the “I’m so not pretty!” moment. Sigh.
  • I meet some of my friends for lunch, I look at their fashionable beautiful selves and whisper, “I’m not ever going to look like that! Ever.”
  • I start some tasks like cleaning out the storage room or scraping off old wallpaper, and it doesn’t take long for the “I’m not young anymore!” reality to set in.
  • I read books and articles by my author friends, and the “I’m not as talented as they are—and never will be!” doubts creep into my mind.

Sound familiar? We don’t need anybody else to judge us because we’re so good at doing it ourselves. God doesn’t make junk, and when we criticize ourselves, we’re being critical of God’s creation, of how He’s made us.

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Maybe I never was a fashionable young chick. But, hey, my four-year-old grandson, Ethan, told me that I look just like Pocahontas—a huge compliment from a young boy who’s smitten with her. If God and Ethan look at me and see beauty, who am I to argue?

So what if I can’t do heavy physical tasks anymore. I can still help others in a variety of ways. I can share the wisdom accumulated from a lifetime of experience and tell a hurting world that God loves them so much that He gave His life for them.

I won’t ever be a writer like Debbie Macomber, a Karen Kingsbury, or an Erma Bombeck—but I can be Michelle Cox and allow Him to use my measly words to touch hearts and lives.

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As He showed me many years ago, He didn’t call me to be successful—He called me to be faithful. And He’s proven that He can take a willing heart and do amazing things with it.

So maybe we need to shift our focus from the “I’m not” moments in our lives and move on to the “I am” moments: I am the beloved child of the God who created the universe. I am forgiven. I am loved beyond measure. I am a princess—the child of a King. I am useful for His purposes.

And despite my flaws, failures and weaknesses, I am available for whatever He wants to do with my life. How about you?

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