Why Summer Is the Most Positive Season

We can all embrace joy of the world blooming into its fullest glory.

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Summer's day

Let these three remarkable writers take you through an ideal summer day.

“It was a splendid summer morning and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong,” wrote the novelist John Cheever.

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language,” the 19th century American author Henry James once said.

“The summer night is like the perfection of thought,” the American poet Wallace Stevens adds.

What is it about summertime—and by that I mean literally summer time, mornings, afternoons and nights—that so captures the imagination with the anticipation of fun, beauty and reflection?

Summer taps us on the shoulders and asks us to look up at star-filled skies, to look down at colorful growing things, and to look around at the people we love to spend time with. Because summer is the most naturally abundant time of year, and because it invites us to slow down and take in every lush moment, I consider it to be the year’s most positive season.

Most of us don’t exactly live lives of leisure, but some form of summer vacation is usually in the cards, or at least some quiet weekend days around outdoor tables or in backyard hammocks.

Whether you travel to exotic mountains, oceans or lakes, or stick closer to home, the natural world seems to be at full fruition at this time of year. Farms are laden with produce, flowers grace neighborhood gardens and parks, turtles and frogs appear in ponds and rivers.

And we tend to have more time to notice them. When we do, we too are in full bloom, reveling in the present moment because, having been through enough winters, we know how precious summer’s warm ease really is.

So each splendid summer morning, beautiful summer afternoon and thoughtful summer night, let the rich positivity of the season come over us like a cool, breezy blanket. The winter will return, as it must, but today we are here together, at summer’s lush peak.

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