Positive Living

Picking peaches

6 Positive Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

An opportunity to feel grateful for the seemingly small things you accomplish each day.

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Summer harvest

Cultivate Positivity in the Garden of Life

At peak summer harvest, marvel at the joy of your bounty—and your life.

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Looking through a magnifying glass

Use a Mirror, Not a Magnifying Glass, for Positive Relationships

Understanding what makes you tick will help you be there for others.

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Woman reading a book

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media

A vacation from envy of what others have and finding total contentment in what God has provided.

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Summer tomato salad

3 Easy Ways to Enjoy Summer Tomatoes

There’s no shortage of ways to savor these summer beauties.

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A Healthy Way to Listen to Your ‘Inner Critic’

Heard with the right attitude, that self-critical voice can be a positive motivator.

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Picking up trash

Acts of Kindness That Only God Sees

Simple, thoughtful acts that make the world a little bit better.

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Camping in the rain

When ‘No’ Is The Most Positive Answer

Sometimes saying “yes” to your own happiness means saying “no” to something else.

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How to Choose Calm

Considering that this little word is both a feeling and an action gives you two ways into a peaceful day.

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Woman feeling grateful

What Would You Miss If It Suddenly Went Away?

Maybe it’s time to notice all the blessings in your life at this very moment.

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Summer's day

Why Summer Is the Most Positive Season

We can all embrace joy of the world blooming into its fullest glory.

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Beating the summer heat

5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

When temps flare, your mood can too. Try these simple ways to keep your cool, both literally and figuratively.

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