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Guideposts blogger Holly Lebowitz Rossi

A Positive Path with Holly Lebowitz Rossi: Thanksgiving Table-Setting Tips

The Guideposts blogger shares three helpful hints for setting a table for Thanksgiving (or any other special occasion) that will set a festive tone.

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Making anxiety work for you

How to Make Anxiety Work for You

Good Anxiety is a practical and empowering book to help us navigate a misunderstood emotion.

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Holiday crafts as gifts

Easy and Relaxing Gifts to Make for the Holidays

Homemade crafts don’t have to be complicated or expensive—they just have to come from the heart.

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Autumn scarf

Cute, Cozy Ways to Tie an Autumn Scarf

These three favorites will keep you warm as well as stylish all season long.

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Woman resting relaxing in a park (Getty Images)

How to Find Calm When You Are Overwhelmed or Anxious

Knit, step away from your screens, light a candle and others ways to turn off your brain and improve your spiritual wellbeing.

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Guideposts blogger Holly Lebowitz Rossi

A Positive Path with Holly Lebowitz Rossi: Three Ways to Tie Your Autumn Scarf

The Guideposts blogger demonstrates three fashionable ways to tie your scarf as you embrace the chill of autumn.

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How to deal with loneliness

Positive Reading: ‘Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness’

This graphic memoir helps us name and understand isolation—and take steps to loosen its grip on our lives.

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Spiritual thinking

The Science Behind the Benefits of ‘Spiritual Thinking’

How spirituality expands our thinking and secures our mental health.

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An act of kindness

Can Being Kind to Others Help You Heal?

What studies are showing about the surprising health benefits from acts of kindness.

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Guideposts blogger Holly Lebowitz Rossi

A Positive Path with Holly Lebowitz Rossi: The Rewards of Kindness

The Guideposts blogger reminds us that even small acts of kindness can positively impact not just the recipient of the kindness but also the one makes that gesture.

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Kathy and her Santa collection; Photo credit: LAD4 CREATIONS

A Santa Claus Collection of Many Colors

How her 200 jolly figurines capture the season of joy in all skin tones.

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Holiday community volunteers sending gifts; Getty Images

5 Heartwarming Stories of Community Spirit

Whether its a Christmas tree honoring our veterans or spreading holiday cheer by paying it forward, these accounts inspire helping others near and far.

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Roberta Messner; Photo credit: Scott Goldsmith

How She Found Warmth and Self-Care on Christmas

In her heart, she realized being ready for the holidays needed some tender loving care.

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Ask "how" instead of "why"

To Dial Back Stress, Ask ‘How,’ Not ‘Why’

Hard moments don’t always happen for clear reasons. Navigate them by asking how you can move forward with grace and positivity.

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