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Toilet rolls as seed starters

How to Use Empty Toilet Paper Rolls as Compostable Seed-Starters

This trick is good for your garden and the planet.

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Spring refresh for stairs

3 Easy Ways to Give Your Staircase a Spring Spruce

Simple upgrades can bring a soft, colorful flair to your stairs.

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Experience ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ in a New Unabridged Audiobook

For the 70th anniversary of Norman Vincent Peale’s groundbreaking book, his grandson discusses the new audiobook and why its message of hope is even more important today.

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Doomscrolling: What It Is and How to Stop

These five simple tips can help you spend less time on your phone, sleep better and feel more hopeful about the world. 

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Feeling joyful

A Joyful Phrase to Celebrate the Good Things That Come Our Way

A well-known Jewish expression tells us that luck is never the whole story of a positive moment or achievement.

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A good, long scream

When a Good, Long Scream Is a Healthy Way to Clear the Air

Sometimes emotions are best expressed by yelling out loud!

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Singing out loud

How Musical ‘Earworms’ Can Improve Your Memory

Why that song you can’t get out of your head might help you access and retain positive experiences from the past.

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Bedtime stories for grown-ups

The Beauty of a Grown-Up Bedtime Story

Thanks to a new trend, adults get to float off to sleep on a sea of gentle, calming stories that do everything but tuck us in.

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Walking in winter

Winter Walking: How to Stay Warm (But Not Too Warm)

This season is a quiet and magical time to explore the outdoors. Here’s how to bundle up, but not over-dress.

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Comforting cup of tea

Finding Cozy Winter Comfort by Seeking Peace and Joy

A Danish tradition, “hygge,” is just what we need to find warmth this season.

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Happy couple

Could the Secret to Lasting Love Simply Involve Kindness?

A fascinating body of research shows that couples who are kind to each other keep the relationship going strong.

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Jane Goodall, author of "The Power of Hope"

Positive Reading: Jane Goodall's 'The Power of Hope'

A relationship with nature underpins the primatologist’s optimism in challenging times.

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Houseplants warmed by light

Give Your Houseplants—And Yourself—A Boost of Light This Winter

A little goes a long way when we add a soft, warm glow to our living spaces.

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Jigsaw Puzzles Continue to Become More Popular

5 Jigsaw Puzzles to Keep You Busy All Winter Long

In 2022 you can do a gradient or double-sided puzzle, play online, and even honor Betty White.

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