Positive Living

Reassuring a family member

Managing ‘What If I Get Covid?’ Anxiety

How families can keep worry in its place during the pandemic

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Pandemic Thanksgiving

How to Give Thanks During a Pandemic

Counting your blessings, even this year, can quickly add up to a long list of gratitude.

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Gratitude helps with anxiety

How Gratitude Helps Us Cope with Anxiety

Giving thanks is a self-care tool we can use at any time.

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Inner rewards

How to Focus on Positive, Intrinsic Rewards

External rewards (like a brownie!) don’t always meet the moment when you are building a positive life from within.

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Lisa Bogart

Tips for Creating Festive Christmas Cards and Letters

Lisa Bogart shares ways you can add a personal touch and a bit of sparkle to your holiday cards and letters.

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Fun games at home

Home Alone? Four Fun Games, No Screens Required

Solitude doesn’t have to be lonely. Leave the electronic realm behind and try some of these engaging activities.

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Resist pressure to be positive

How to Manage the Pressure to Be Positive

Being honest about what’s hard for you will help you be authentic when you are genuinely joyful.

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Comfort foods for winter

5 Cheap, Healthy Comfort Foods

Soothing, nourishing foods to ease you through the cold season.

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Mutual respect

Agree to Disagree—With Mutual Love and Respect

How love provides a framework to listen, not counterattack.

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The power of humor

How Humor Makes a Positive Difference, Especially Now

Lean on your funny bone, and you’ll learn that it’s actually your superpower.

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Zoom family call

How to Have Positive Conversations About Difficult Holiday Decisions

Families face choices about how and whether to gather for holiday meals this year. Stay true to your values to preserve relationships through the season.

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Reading a book

A Fun, Safe Way to Connect with Your Neighbors

Try a “book swap n’ stroll,” a neighborly way to clear clutter, check in with others and lay in a winter reading supply all at once.

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