Positive Living

A felt Christmas ornament of a dove; photo by Betz White, betzwhite.com

The Art of the Apology

Take responsibility, be real, and other tips to turn saying “I’m sorry” into a meaningful conversation.

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Power of brain to control emotions

Why We’re Not at the Mercy of Our Feelings

A psychologist’s work shows the brain’s power to adapt, understand and name the emotional reality we encounter.

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Silver linings

How to Find a Silver Lining in Unexpected Places

The poem that inspired the lovely phrase resonates positively across the centuries.

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Singer, actress and author Michelle Williams; photo by Michael A. Schwarz

How Singer Michelle Williams Copes with Depression and Finds Joy

The Grammy-winning artist outlines five actions that helped her cope during tough times.

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Today Show co-anchor Savvannah Guthrie; photo by Melanie Dunea

Positive Thinker: Savannah Guthrie, Today Show Co-Anchor

The positive-thinking TV personality, who just celebrated 10 years on the Today Show, shares who her real-life hero is, why mornings are her favorite and what she does for her spiritual well-being.

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Susan with grandson Zachary and great-granddaughter Stella. Photo by Dan MacMedan
How to be fully present

Try This Tip to Be Present in the Moment

Show up for yourself right where you are with the simple “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 technique.”

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Edward Grinnan, Guideposts Editor in Chief

Guideposts Readers: Our Biggest Blessing and Inspiration

How your outpouring of care and support helps us make the world a better place through hope, faith and prayer.

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Music and productivity

How to Use Music to Boost Your Productivity

Calm classics or energizing powerhouses can take your productivity up several notches.

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Fairy Garden

How to Make Your Own Fairy Garden

These magical little additions to your outdoor space are easy to craft—and popular with kids and the whole neighborhood.

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Author and lifestyle expert Katie Brown

Katie Brown's DIY Sea-Glass Tableware

The author and lifestyle expert shares how you can quickly and easily bring the beauty of sea glass into your home, even if you're fully landlocked.

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Singer, actress and author Michelle Williams

How Michelle Williams' Faith Helped Her Overcome Depression

The singer and author discusses her new book and shares how scripture, prayer and even singing help her in coping with depression.

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