Positive Living


Why Self-Compassion Is More Important Than Self-Esteem

A cultural shift in positive thinking appears to be underway.

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Picking tomatoes

3 Ways to Get the Best Eating from Your Summer Garden

Knowing how to pick something at the peak of ripeness is an exercise in patience, discipline and observation.

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Positive woman

How Positive Emotions Can Change Your Life

What do upliftings feelings contribute to our general well-being? A whole lot.

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Personal freedom

3 Positive Ways to Pursue Personal Freedom

Independence is neither simple nor easy. Focus on your strengths to stay empowered and energized.

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Woman resting in a hammock

Positive Reading List: ‘The Art of the Wasted Day’

This lyrical book makes the case for adding more leisure time to your life.

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Woman writing in her journal

How to Focus on Your Blessings

How to realize that there are more blessings in our lives than trials, more positive moments than negative.

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The Good Thing About Change

Recognizing that new opportunities arise when a chapter comes to a close.

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Senior woman gardening

The Positive Power of Trying Something New

Take on a new challenge and reconnect with the pleasure of being an excited beginner.

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Women hiking

3 Positive Ways to Cope with Loneliness

Practical ways to push back against this all-too-common emotional challenge.

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Woman with lots of things to do.

7 Bible Verses for When You Feel Overwhelmed

If God has called you to a task, He’ll be there to help every step of the way.

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Need to Let Go? Look to the Sky

The passing clouds are reminders that the world is always in motion—so too are your thoughts.

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Vines on a trellis

How to Help Yourself Grow in the Right Direction

Like a climbing plant or vine, we all need encouragement to reach toward the sunlight of life.

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