Positive Living

Declutter your garden.

5 Ways to Declutter Your Garden

Clearing clutter isn’t just an indoor activity. Give your garden space to grow with these easy tips.

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A positive outlook

The Power of Turning Negative Stories into Positive Ones

You can turn your life around once you decide to stop telling yourself that you can’t.

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Milestone birthday

3 Ways to Have a Positive Milestone Birthday

Big birthdays can mean a lot of different things—here’s how to choose to celebrate yourself.

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Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day Reflection on Unconditional Love

A 100-year-old letter beautifully captures the power of a profoundly loving relationship.

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Pile of books

Why Decluttering Is Important for Inner Calm

Get inspired to make room for more happiness by taking a positive approach to clutter-clearing.

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Courtesy of Dana K. White

How to Declutter Your Closet in 7 Simple Steps

Decluttering expert Dana K. White shares her best tips for cleaning out your clothing.

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Managing emotions

3 Healthy Ways to Compartmentalize Emotions

We can’t always turn off our big feelings, but we can develop techniques to prevent them from running our life. 

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Chef and fitness expert Kevin Curry

How Cooking Helped Kevin Curry Confront His Depression

The chef and fitness expert used his struggles with depression and food to turn his life around and inspire others to do the same.

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Miracle plant?

A Garden Miracle?

How a little light and warmth encouraged growth in a dark, cold garden shed.

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Keep a positive house

4 Ways to Create a Positive ‘House of Words’

The poetic idea that our words are where we dwell inspires us to create an uplifting space in which to live our best lives.

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A Bible surrounded by spring flowers.

6 Ways to Celebrate Easter Year Round

Spreading joy and letting go of fear are just a few ways to commemorate Easter throughout the year. 

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A tidy, decluttered kitchen

How to Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

Decluttering expert Dana K. White offers her best tips to organize your kitchen.

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