Positive Living

Positive rainy day

An Authentically Positive Perspective on Rainy Days

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s words invite us to find peace even when things aren’t going our way.

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Positive emotions are contagious.

Good News—Positive Emotions Are Contagious

An uplifting outlook can literally change the minds of those in both your virtual and actual social networks.

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How to See the Best in Yourself

While others may judge us or find fault, God always sees our potential.

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The joy of being alone

Instead of FOMO, Experience JOMO, the ‘Joy of Missing Out’

Being there for yourself sometimes means bowing out of time spent with others.

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Gardening is like life

Positive Reading List: ‘The Invisible Garden’ by Dorothy Sucher

This gorgeous book explores how gardening is a metaphor for a life that takes hard work but yields great rewards.

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Breath of fresh air

4 Easy Ways to Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

The positive power of nature is inspiring doctors to prescribe going outside to improve your health.

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Waiting for spring

How to Wait Patiently for Spring

The official start of spring can be a mindset as well as a date on the calendar.

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Getty Images

Blanton-Peale Institute Honors Former NBA Star Keyon Dooling

The mental health service organization is recognizing Dooling’s work raising awareness about the unique mental health issues players in the NBA face.

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Real positivity

Is There Such a Thing As ‘Toxic Positivity?’

Positive words can ring hollow if they deny the full range of our emotional lives.

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Flowering fruit tree

Positive Lessons from Late Winter Buds

The fruits we crave can only ripen if we release the energy they need to start growing. 

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A positive doctor meets with a patient

The Power of a Positive Doctor

Social psychologists are finding that a reassuring word from the doctor can make a measurable difference in your health.

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Decluttering as Part of Your Lenten Spiritual Practice

Decluttering as Part of Your Lenten Spiritual Practice

The Lenten season isn’t just about giving up food and drink. It can also be a time for decluttering your mind and heart.

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