Positive Living

The Big Picture

How to See—and Take Comfort in— ‘The Big Picture’

Realizing the grandeur of the known world can put things into a positive perspective for our daily lives.

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Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth on Her Love of Guideposts

The award-winning singer and actress shares favorite Christmas memories and reveals how she came to love Guideposts magazine.

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Author and lifestyle expert Katie Brown

Katie Brown's DIY Gift-Wrapping Tips

The lifestyle expert shares an easy and affordable way to create your own wrapping paper for the holidays. The kids will want to join in, too!

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Bare tree limbs against sky

Once the Leaves Have Fallen, There's Still Plenty to See

We all miss the greens, red, yellows and oranges of our botanical neighbors—but the bare trees have a beautiful lesson to teach us.

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Turkey chili

3 Fresh Takes on Holiday Leftovers

Try these easy, tasty ways to give your surplus feast new meaning.

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Gift giving

5 Tips on Picking the Perfect Gift

How to make a loved one feel extra special this holiday season.

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Loving the smell of coffee

How to Cultivate Gratitude Even When Things Aren’t Going Great

Gratitude isn’t just for sunny days—it’s an unending well of calming, grounding support you can access no matter what’s happening in your life.

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Setting a holiday table

How to Set a Beautiful, Inviting Table (for Two or 20)

Take pleasure in laying a table that is warm, welcoming—and practical for your holiday meal.

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Decorating for Christmas

Why It’s Not Too Early to Decorate for Christmas

There are surprising benefits for those who trim the tree early in the season.

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Guideposts blogger Holly Lebowitz Rossi

A Positive Path with Holly Lebowitz Rossi: Thanksgiving Table-Setting Tips

The Guideposts blogger shares three helpful hints for setting a table for Thanksgiving (or any other special occasion) that will set a festive tone.

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Making anxiety work for you

How to Make Anxiety Work for You

Good Anxiety is a practical and empowering book to help us navigate a misunderstood emotion.

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Holiday crafts as gifts

Easy and Relaxing Gifts to Make for the Holidays

Homemade crafts don’t have to be complicated or expensive—they just have to come from the heart.

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Autumn scarf

Cute, Cozy Ways to Tie an Autumn Scarf

These three favorites will keep you warm as well as stylish all season long.

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Woman resting relaxing in a park (Getty Images)

How to Find Calm When You Are Overwhelmed or Anxious

Knit, step away from your screens, light a candle and others ways to turn off your brain and improve your spiritual wellbeing.

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