3 New Ways to Enjoy Fall’s Root Vegetables

These tasty tubers are nutritious, easy to prepare and so satisfying on chilly nights.

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Root vegetables recipes

Root vegetables might look and sound like humble staples, but they can be so much more than that. Anyone who’s grown potatoes, carrots or onions in the garden knows the unique pleasure of tugging on a bunch of greenery or spading around in the dirt to unearth a hidden treasure like no other.

Steaming, roasting or sautéing these vegetables in the fall and winter can start to feel humdrum, though, so try these three new ways to enjoy the natural wonders that are root vegetables.

1)  Fry Them Up
French-fry, that is—and not just your white potatoes. Sweet potatoes, turnips, even beets can be savored in a new way by cutting them into wedges, sprinkling them with salt, pepper and an earthy herb like thyme, tossing them in olive oil and roasting them at a high temperature until they are crisp and caramelized outside, warm and soft inside.

2)  Make a Cold-Weather Slaw
Fennel, turnip, carrot and celery root are all root vegetables that can be shredded into a fresh, raw slaw that will awaken cold-weather meals with a seasonal crunch. You can combine veggies for variety of flavor and season your slaw with citrus juice, warm spices like cumin or coriander and dried fruits.

3)  Create a Comforting Casserole
Chunks or thick slices of a mixture of root vegetable—have you ever tried rutabaga? I haven’t (yet)—can be combined into a one-dish meal that’s as hearty as it is healthy. Toss the vegetables with herbs like sage or thyme, then layer them in a baking dish between lush layers of shredded cheddar or gruyere cheese, drizzle with hot cream and bake at 400 degrees until the vegetables are tender, and the dairy is bubbling deliciously.

How do you enjoy root vegetables?

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