5 Red, White and Blue Snacks for Your 4th of July

Healthy, easy and inexpensive ways to celebrate America. 

Posted in , Jun 27, 2019

Healthy 4th of July snacks

Holidays are multi-sensory experiences, and the appearance of our celebratory foods plays a big role in our enjoyment of special days. On July 4—or Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Election Day or any other day you’re celebrating America’s past, present or future—why not put some sparkle on the table in the form of red, white and blue snacks?

1)  Berry Trifle
Blueberries, raspberries and Greek yogurt—oh my! This is one of many possible layered desserts that look as beautiful as they taste. Try cubed store-bought pound cake, strawberries and blackberries. Or use whipped cream for a decadent “white” touch. Drizzle some honey over the top, and you’re ready for a memorable sweet treat.

2)  Appetizer Skewers
The sweetness of blueberries and strawberries are delicious alongside the savory bite of sharp cheddar cheese. Bring these flavors together in simple skewers that are as patriotic as they are tasty. 

3)  Watermelon “Pizza”
A juicy wedge of watermelon is summer in the palm of your hand. It is also a vibrant “red” for your patriotic spread. Drizzle a lightly sweetened cream cheese sauce onto the melon wedges, and sprinkle red and blue berries over the top for the easiest homemade pizza you’ve ever tasted.

4)  Dipped Pretzel Sticks
Melt some white chocolate, and plunge thick pretzel rods in to coat. Before the chocolate sets, dust the pretzels with red and blue sprinkles that will look adorable, taste satisfyingly sweet-salty-crunchy and delight guests of all ages! 

5)  Fruity Ice Cubes
Ok, so ice isn’t exactly a “white” food, but vibrant red and blue berries suspended in big, clear cubes elevate any beverage—from lemonade to sparkling water—to new, flavorful heights. Use a regular ice cube tray, and be sure to chop or slice your fruit small enough that the ice has space to form all around it. 

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