6 Ways to Savor Your Vegetables This Fall

Use these methods to keep your appetite satisfied and health in check.

Posted in , Nov 12, 2020

Variety of vegetables in a pan

Now that fall has arrived and much of our time continues to be spent indoors, there’s no better reason to get into the kitchen to create a few cozy dishes. In addition to welcoming pumpkins, apples and cider, the autumn season also offers spinach, kale, beets and carrots during harvest.

Whether you want to grow or cook delicious vegetables on your own, incorporating these greens to your recipes will make for a delightful fall dish.

Check out these creative ways vegetables can liven up your autumn meals.

Sheet Pan Suppers to Ease You into Fall

If you’re looking for a meal that is quick-and-easy to prepare and requires fewer ingredients and less clean-up, sheet pan dinners are a favorable option. Prepare an easy roasted meal made up of varied vegetables and herbs such as cauliflower, brussels sprouts and rosemary. These simple yet colorful and healthy ingredients are perfect for a ready-to-serve meal.

3 Healthy, Easy-to-Make Fall Dips Everyone Will Love

Although safety guidelines won’t allow you to attend or host get-togethers, you can still enjoy a fun game or movie night with your family at home with delicious snacks. Pair your veggies with these three home-made dips that are healthy and easy to make.

Flavorful Fall Veggies in the Slow Cooker

Another easy and convenient way to prepare a tasty fall meal is by slow-cooking your vegetables. According to Our Everyday Life, the slow-cooking process helps vegetables retain more of their nutrients as opposed to when they’re prepared on the stove. After trying these veggie chili and lentil soup recipes, you’d be surprised how much you enjoy meatless dishes.

Easy, Tasty Things to Grow in Your Fall Garden

As the weather cools down, fall gardening can provide you with veggies such as kale, carrots and lettuce. According to The Kitchn, some vegetables are even sweeter after enduring frost. Growing greens in your fall garden will also keep you supplied during the coldest time of year.

3 New Ways to Enjoy Fall’s Root Vegetables

There are countless ways to prepare your vegetables and incorporate them into your intimate family dinners. Whether you combine them in a one-dish meal or fry them up with other ingredients, these methods provide all the nutrients and antioxidants your body needs while still satisfying your taste buds.

5 Affordable Ways to Use Frozen Vegetables

If you’re hoping to make less grocery trips than necessary to stay safe or avoid the cold weather, then stocking up on frozen veggies is the meal-planning option for you. Frozen vegetables are picked when their nutrient levels are at their peak, prewashed and immediately frozen to retain their nutrition. These ideas will help you transform your frozen vegetables into enticing meals.

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