5 Fun New Ways to Enjoy Ice Cream

Two scoops and a drizzle of fudge don’t even scratch the surface of tantalizing possibilities for this summer favorite.

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Ice cream in a cantaloupe

You know the rhyme—we all scream for ice cream! The icy, creamy sweetness of an ice cream treat is one of the universal pleasures of summer. But as the hot days stretch on into August, isn’t it time to elevate your ice cream game, enjoying your dessert or mid-afternoon snack in a fresh, new way?

These ideas work for any kind of ice cream—dairy-free varieties are definitely invited to this party! Surprise your family and friends with one of these, and you’ll certainly get screams of delight!

1.  Use a Cantaloupe Bowl
Ripe, bright melon is another hallmark of summer—why not lean into the natural bowl shape in the middle of a half or thick wedge of cantaloupe and fill it with vanilla ice cream or fruit sorbet? Top it with some berries for an extra-colorful treat.

2.  Make Ice Crème Brûlée
Soften ice cream and smooth to the top of some square or round ramekins. Place the ramekins into the freezer until the ice cream is hard, then sprinkle the top with a hefty pinch of sugar (turbinado sugar, if you want to get fancy; cane will work just fine). Just before serving, hit each one with a kitchen blowtorch until the sugar caramelizes, marrying crunchy, hot, and cold in one terrific dessert.

3.  Sandwich It!
The possibilities for ice cream sandwich-making are virtually endless. My online research turned up this starter list of surprising—and exciting—options: rice cereal treats, thinly sliced; brownies; salty crackers such as Ritz brand; and of course, any and all flavors of cookie. Soften ice cream to spread between your sandwich ingredient of choice, then harden in the freezer before gobbling them up!

4.  Make a Grown-Up Ice Cream Float
Add a scoop of fruit sorbet to a wine glass, cover with sparkling grape juice and voila! This sippable, spoonable float will brighten any summer meal.

5.  Top Your Toppings Bar
Sprinkles, nuts and a cherry are classics for good reason. But your toppings selection can be so much more than those tried-and-trues! Try salted popcorn, crushed cookies, candied lemon or ginger, crushed potato chips, instant espresso powder or shredded mint or basil leaves. I’d like to see you try to top that! 

What are your favorite creative ways to serve ice cream?

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