Brunswick Stew

Potatoes, lima beans and vegetables round out this hearty chicken-based stew.

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A pot of Brunswick Stew

This stew maintains its legendary status as a symbol of hearth and home. The thick consistency is great for those cold fall or winter nights. 


5½ lbs. de-boned chicken (thighs are best)

6 oz. white meat (fatback), ground or chopped

4 lbs/ white potatoes, cut up french-fry size

2½ lbs. yellow onions, chopped

¼ oz. black pepper (to taste)

¼ oz. red pepper (to taste)

1¼ oz. salt (to taste)

1½ oz. sugar (to taste)

1½ quarts crushed tomatoes

2½ quarts small green butterbeans (lima beans), drained

1½ quarts white shoepeg corn, drained


1. Prepare potatoes and onions ahead of time so you can stir continuously (constant stirring is necessary for the thick consistency).

2. Put chicken and white meat in pot. Cover with water; bring to boil and cook until chicken starts to come apart.

3. Add potatoes, onions and ¼ of seasonings. Bring to boil again and cook until potatoes are soft.

4. Add tomatoes and ¼ of seasonings. Bring back to boil and cook 5 minutes.

5. Add butterbeans and ¼ of seasonings. Bring to boil and cook until butterbeans are soft.

6. Add corn, margarine and rest of seasonings. Cook 10 to 25 minutes, then serve.

Serves 20

Discover the history of this stew.

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