Debbie Shelkey-Lawson: A Dinnertime Success!

Who knew reading recipe books would be fun?

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Scalloped potatoes

Hello Guideposts! I've had some success in gathering my family at the dinner table this week. 

I've been having fun reading my copy of Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook and my What's for Supper? cookbook. Who knew reading recipe books would be fun? I didn't, and now I study them and mark them with clips!

My husband joined me in the kitchen to help put supper on the table. (I think he was hungry from skipping lunch!) He peeled and sliced potatoes for me and I threw them together in a casserole dish and made homemade scalloped potatoes with soup, cheese, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of paprika. The family loved them and were surprised that I didn't follow a recipe. I made Hamburger Helper Sloppy Joe mix which did not go over well. I think I can find a better recipe in my crock-pot books!

Our church youth group sponsors a lunch for "Souperbowl Sunday" every year where we make lunch for our church for a donation that we give to a local homeless shelter and other ministries. I was busy with the crock-pots all weekend making potato soup, chicken noodle, navy bean and ham soup, and Brunswick Stew. The kids came home from school disappointed that the Brunswick Stew was for the church luncheon. The fundraiser was a lot of fun for the youth to serve soup and we raised over $400 for our local charities. Since the kids were disappointed that we did not have any Brunswick Stew leftovers, I made another pot last night. I know the recipe by heart now and it was great with crackers and applesauce.

Our high school swim team season is nearly over so my teenage daughters said they will help plan and make one family dinner a week. Spring soccer season starts up in a couple of weeks so we'll see if we can make this happen!

—Debbie Shelkey-Lawson



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