Debbie Shelkey-Lawson: I Need Your Help!

I need fun dinner ideas for two teenage girls!

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A woman shops for groceries

I went to the local grocery store (I think they know me on sight!) on Friday and kept in mind foods for family dinners rather than buying all quickie microwave items to eat on the run. 

I liked the idea recommended by a reader to brown extra ground beef to keep on hand in the freezer so instead of buying one package for one meal, I bought several, but I froze them. I made a huge crockpot full of spaghetti which made two dinners and one lunch. It was nice to sit down with the kids for dinner before Eileen rushed off to her swim meet.

After church, I made stroganoff ahead of time and put it in the crockpot for youth group meeting later. It was a hit! No leftovers. We have soccer tonight so we may have to eat out. Right now, only Jacob is playing soccer, but when spring is here his sisters will be playing too.

My daughters think they could plan one dinner a week so I'm going to start letting them try that. They get home before me in the afternoon and they are definitely old enough.

I need fun dinner ideas for two teenage girls. Easy prep, easy cleanup. Ideas?

—Debbie Shelkey-Lawson



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