Enjoy Tasty, Healthy Recipes from a Doctor

Enjoy Tasty, Healthy Recipes from a Doctor

Are you looking for healthy recipes? Dr. Rosemarie Cannarella Lorenzetti and her medical students at West Virginia University developed recipes to help patients lead healthier lives. The doctor told their story in the January 2016 edition of Guideposts, and so many readers wrote in asking about Dr. Lorenzetti's recipes that she decided to share some of them with us.

  • Guideposts: Dr. Lorenzetti's Lower-Carb Ricotta Gnocchi

    Ricotta Gnocchi

    Her mother’s version of this recipe was made from white flour and potatoes, but Dr. Lorenzetti reworked it to lower the dish's glycemic index and reduce its number of carbohdyrates. It's a dish that goes well with pesto sauce, as above, or tradtional Italian red sauce.

  • Guideposts: Dr. Lorenzetti's Low-Carb Chocolate Mousse

    Low-Carb Chocolate "Mousse"

    This delicious recipe allows Dr. Lorenzetti's to satisfy her chocolate passion when she's in need of a sweet treat, and it has the added bonus of containing a healthy ingredient no dinner guest will ever guess: avocado.

  • Guideposts: Dr. Lorenzetti's Cauliflower Rice

    Cauliflower Rice

    Dr. Lorenzetti adapted from this quick and easy dish from a recipe brought in by one of her students. It's so tasty and filling that her husband has yet to figure out that it's not actually rice.

  • Guideposts: Dr. Lorenzetti's Black Bean Brownies

    Black Bean Brownies

    No one expects a brownie to be healthy, but with this tasty recipe, Dr. Lorenzetti's manages that unlikely feat, proving that black beans are not just for soup and burritos any more.


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