Hot Cereals to Enjoy Instead of Oatmeal

Filling, nourishing bowls of comfort come in many shapes and sizes.

Posted in , Feb 22, 2022

Morning bowl of hot cereal

Readers of this blog know that I am a serious believer in the warming comforts of a bowl of oatmeal. But even though there are nearly endless combinations of sweet and even savory toppings for oatmeal, sometimes a chilly morning calls out for a bowl of…something else.

Hot cereals—or in the dreamily warming vernacular of “porridge”—are as versatile as the waves of nutrient-rich grains that grow in farms around the world. Most are, like oatmeal, gluten-free. Some, like quinoa, aren’t even grains (quinoa is a “super-seed,” how’s that for an inspiring breakfast food?).

There are many contenders for hot cereals that offer an infusion of protein, hunger-satisfying carbohydrates, and a nutty, smooth or creamy blank slate to amplify with the natural sweeteners, fruits, nuts or yogurt of your choice. You can start by cooking any of these grains/seeds according to package directions, adding some extra milk (animal or plant) or water if you like a soothingly sippable cereal.




--Polenta/coarse cornmeal

--Pearled barley

Consider stirring in a sprinkle of spices to wake up the flavors of your base grain. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and turmeric are great options.

Then, turn to your toppings. Toast up a handful of nuts to add a satisfying crunch to your bowl. Chop some ripe pear, apple or banana into the bowl, or grab some fresh berries to stir in. Finally, drizzle some maple syrup or honey across the top to finish each bite with a note of sweetness.

Let tucking into a warm bowl of cereal start your morning on a positive, nourishing note, something that will leave you feeling loved and nourished from the inside out.

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