Our Favorite Passover Recipes

Our Favorite Passover Recipes

Passover commemorates the liberation of the enslaved Jewish people from Egypt. Here are our favorite Passover recipes for this spring holiday. To our Jewish readers, have a blessed Pesach!

  • passover brisket seder recipe

    Grandma Rita's Brisket

    This brisket recipe is a delicious Passover dinner tradition that always brings family together. Get the recipe here.

  • haroset

    Ashkenazi Haroset

    A Passover tradition that's both sweet and healthful! Haroset is a fruit and nut mixture that symbolizes the mortar used to bind the stones and bricks used by the ancient Hebrews when they were slaves in Egypt. What to do with leftover haroset? Add some to your matzoh brei, or freeze it, and after Passover try haroset instead of applesauce in breads and cakes. Get the recipe here.

  • Oma's Bubbelach recipe

    Oma's Bubbelach

    No one can resist these crispy potato puffs. Food writer Malka Engel-Padwa shares her Oma's Bubbelach recipe, adapted from her cookbook, Malka's Kosher Kitchen. Check out her recipe here.

  • Matzoh Brei

    Matzoh Brei

    A delicious recipe for your leftover matzoh after Passover! This recipe is a Passover breakfast staple. Want something really different? Try adding some leftover haroset for a special treat. Get the recipe here.



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