The Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

Michelle Mahnke gathered a diverse group of Vegas casino workers together to make Christmas cookies from a variety of cultures. Now you can try these recipes at home! Read Michelle's story!


Christmas Cut-Out CookiesChristmas Cut-Out Cookies
These butter cookies have that classic flavor, the one so many of us associate with the holidays.
These traditional Lebanese cookies are crescent-shaped and flavored with orange-blossom water.
Million Dollar FudgeMillion Dollar Fudge
Nothing says Christmas like a rich and nutty fudge. The whole family will love this classic fudge recipe!
This wafer cookie is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas treat; it's created with a special iron and wooden rolling cone.

Russian Tea CakesRussian Tea Cakes
These cookies are widely associated with Christmas, though their connection to Russia is questionable. Recipes similar to this one are found in cultures all over the world.