Robin Carlo: Thankful for Encouraging Words

One of our 3 bloggers discusses the liberating power of being able to forgive yourself when you (temporarily) fail to follow through with your resolve.

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Misery probably does love company, but so do joy, contentment and effort! 

I was reminded of this as I read a recent blog by Anne Simpkinson. Anne wrote of her own struggle in keeping her resolution and although I certainly wish her nothing but success on her journey toward her goal, it was comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has had some backslides. It was no surprise to read that her slips  happen at times of extreme busyness, stress and fatigue—so do most of mine! Her advice to "just pick yourself up and start all over again" fell on grateful ears.

Like Anne, I am learning to forgive myself when I don't stick to promises and to celebrate the progress I've made. Every time I do listen attentively, I'm not only one step closer to my goal of being a good listener, I AM a good listener! Thank you, Anne, for the encouraging words!

—Robin Carlo



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