Traveling the world is a life goal for many of us. Vacations offer a respite from the everyday, but travel also provides the added benefit of expanding our worldviews and bringing a new perspective on our lives. With the right advice from travel articles and well-traveled friends, your adventure is ready to begin!


Lost and Found in Portugal

Even when you lose your way, God will lead you exactly where you exactly need to be.

Dreaming of Denmark

Mysterious Dreams of Denmark

For someone who rarely remembers her dreams, this far-away country poses a puzzle.

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A young Swedish girl in a candlelit crown portrays St. Lucia

How Children Celebrate Christmas Around the World

Who knows better how to get in the Christmas spirit than children? Catch the seasonal joy of some of our young neighbors across the globe…

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Prayer retreat

10 Great Places to Take a Prayer Retreat

A great opportunity to draw closer to God and experience blessing and breakthrough in your spiritual life.

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Alikay Wood and her father during their sojourn in Iceland

Iceland: Would a Father-Daughter Trip Change Their Relationship?

On a whim, Guideposts editor Alikay Wood asked her father if he'd like to travel with her to Iceland. She never thought he'd say yes, but he did, and their shared adventure taught her a valuable lesson about love.

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What to pack for a prayer retreat

10 Things to Take on a Prayer Retreat

From walking shoes to a journal to your favorite pillow—what to pack.

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Take a pilgrimage.

This Pilgrim’s Progress

A pilgrimage doesn’t have to be far–a nearby church or park will do. 

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Stark beauty in Death Valley

Stark Beauty in Death Valley

A national park’s challenge to reflect on a natural landscape that’s not traditionally beautiful elicited some inspiring reactions.

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How to shift quickly into vacation mindset.

3 Ways to Shift into a Vacation Mindset

Whether your travels are taking you near or far, you can embrace the beauty of being fully away.

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Grace Church, one of the many historic houses of worship in downtown Manhattan

Historic Churches of Lower Manhattan

New York City boasts some of the most historic churches in the United States. Here are some houses of worship that can be found below 14th Street in Manhattan that you may wish to visit when you travel to the Big Apple.

8 Myths about the Eclipse People Actually Believed

8 Myths about the Eclipse People Actually Believed

Throughout history, people from all over the world have come up with explanations for solar eclipse sightings. Here are a few myths people believed about eclipses. 

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Astronomy Facts

8 Astronomy Facts to Prepare You for the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will shadow much of the United States. Check out these unbelievable astronomy facts.

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Best Places to View the Solar Eclipse

Best Places to View the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, a history-making eclipse will cover some part of the United States in darkness. Here's where to get the best view of the celestial event. 

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Solar Eclipse

Everything You Need to Know about the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the U.S. Here’s what you need to know to get a good view. 

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