Traveling the world is a life goal for many of us. Vacations offer a respite from the everyday, but travel also provides the added benefit of expanding our worldviews and bringing a new perspective on our lives. With the right advice from travel articles and well-traveled friends, your adventure is ready to begin!
At 75, Soren was one of the oldest people to have thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail

A Grueling Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail Reacquainted Him with God

As a child, he dreamed of walking the length of the Appalachian Trail, but at 75, was he up to the challenge?

Church of the Flagellation, the first of the Stations of the Cross

Walking the Stations of the Cross

Take a virtual trip down Jesus' path of sorrow with these photos from the Holy Land of the 14 Stations of the Cross.

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Carbonate travertines the natural pools during sunset, Pamukkale, Turkey

7 of the World's Amazing Healing Waters

For centuries, many cultures have identified certain sites and mineral springs as having miraculous healing and transformational properties. Here are seven amazing water sites known for healing.

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Man Travels 33,000 Miles to Raise Cancer Awareness

Man Travels 33,000 Miles to Raise Cancer Awareness

The 28 year-old honored his late mother by traveling all over the country.

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Congo Square, New Orleans, Getty Images

10 Stops on a Black History Tour of New Orleans

From Congo Square to the Mayor's Office, there is a story to learn about one of the most vibrant cities in America.

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Jo-Anne Graham at Yosemite National Park

Her Lifelong Love Affair with Our National Parks

A cross-country road trip during her senior year of college sparked one woman's devoted appreciation of our country's spectacular national parks.

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Dr. King Historic Church

Dr. King's Atlanta

Take a trip in pictures to the place where Dr. King was born, lived, marched and preached for peace, economic justice and civil rights.

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Jo-Anne Graham at Smoky Mountains National Park

A Fan's Guide to Our National Parks

Beginning in college, Jo-Anne Graham has been a devoted fan of our country's national parks. Here is a photographic journey to some of her favorites.

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Living Longer Blue Zones Japan

Can Earth's Blue Zones Teach Us The Secret to Living Longer?

Author Dan Buettner shares secrets he's learned about longevity from the world's Blue Zones -- places where people are living longest. 

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Church at the top of the Mount of Beatitudes

12 Famous Sites from the Ministry of Jesus

Enjoy these photos from the Holy Land where Jesus lived, ministered and performed miracles. 


A Photo on the Shores of Galilee

Have you ever been transformed by a spiritual place or travels to somewhere far, far away?

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Kathie Lee Gifford Today Show

Kathie Lee Gifford's New Album Is All about Finding Your Purpose

The Today show co-host's latest musical project, a retelling of the story of David and Goliath, came after a life-changing trip to the Holy Land.

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Edie and Paloma travel from Calamajué to Arroyo San Francisquito

A Cancer Patient's Trek Along the California Mission Trail

Cancer patient Edie Littlefield Sundby set an unusual goal for herself: To walk the entire 800 miles of the California Mission Trail, visiting the state's 21 historic missions along the way.

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The Birthplace of Jesus: Images from the Holy Land

The Birthplace of Jesus: Images from the Holy Land

Enjoy these photos of places mentioned in the Bible regarding the birth of Jesus.

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