Traveling the world is a life goal for many of us. Vacations offer a respite from the everyday, but travel also provides the added benefit of expanding our worldviews and bringing a new perspective on our lives. With the right advice from travel articles and well-traveled friends, your adventure is ready to begin!

Erin's daughter, Aurora, at the Shire of Montana; photo courtesy Erin Janoso

A Lesson Learned During a Family Trip to a Hobbit House

It would be a magical anniversary trip in The Shire of Montana—as long as their daughter could follow the rules.

Edward and Gracie walking in the woods

Farewell for Just a While

With final edits due on a family memoir about Alzheimer’s as well as travel to Oberammergau, blogging takes a break.

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Rabun Williams, a volunteer at the Monroe County Museum; photo by Michael A. Schwarz

Greetings from Small-Town America: Monroeville, Alabama

Alabama’s literary capital has much to offer tourists, especially if they’re fans of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Monroeville, Alabama; photo by Michael A. Schwarz

Greetings from Monroeville, Alabama

Monroeville, Alabama, hometown to author Harper Lee, has come to be known as the state's literary capital.

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Jenny Doan of Hamilton's Missouri Star Quilting Company; photo by Dean Curtis

Greetings from Small-Town America: Hamilton, Missouri

This quiet locale is a hub for quilters, with a number of shops and a museum about the founder of JCPenney.

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Dakota Redford of Hamilton's Missouri Quilt Museum

Greetings from Hamilton, Missouri

A business owner and two museum directors share what makes their home town a popular and inspiring vacation destination.

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Woman smiling while sightseeing

6 Benefits of Exploring New Places

Stepping out of your bubble can be a rewarding experience for your mind, body and soul.

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Leavenworth, Washington

7 Quirky American Towns You'll Want to Visit

These small locales might not be well-known, but each have something special to offer. 

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Clare Biedenharn; photo courtesy Clare Biedenharn

When a Long-Planned Trip Fell Through, She Put Herself in God's Hands

She missed her flight to a much-needed spiritual retreat in Assisi. Now what?

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Cavanal Hill, just outside Poteau, Oklahoma; photo by Shevaun Williams

Greetings From Small-Town America: Poteau, Oklahoma

A native son of this community in eastern Oklahoma shares what makes his hometown so special, including the world’s highest hill.

Sue Livers of Madison, Indiana

Greetings from Madison, Indiana

Residents share info about and express their pride in Georgetown, Madison's historic Black neighborhood that was a active stop on the Underground Railroad.

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Sue Livers dressed as Patsy Harris; photo by Scott Goldsmith

Greetings from Small-Town America: Madison, Indiana

Residents of this Midwestern town share what makes their historic Georgetown neighborhood so special

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Christmas lights in Leavenworth, Washington; credit: Inge Johnsson/Alamy

Greetings from Small-Town America: Leavenworth, Washington

This Washington mountain town, modeled after a Bavarian village and home of the Nutcracker Museum, attracts millions of visitors—at Christmas and all year round.

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Arlene Wagner, proprietor of Leavenworth's Nutcracker Museum

Greetings from Leavenworth, Washington

Residents of Leavenworth, Washington, share what's special about their hometown and why it attracts many thousands of visitors each year who are drawn to its Alpine atmosphere during the Christmas season.

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2010--Oberammergau Passion Play

Oberammergau’s Passion Play Resumes in 2022

Delayed by Covid, an Alpine village continues its theatrical tradition of depicting the final days of Christ.

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An illustration of three doves perched on tree branches; ILLUSTRATION BY LUCY CARTWRIGHT

How Their Holy Land Trip Fostered Peace and Goodwill

A fleeting interaction involving a Christian grandmother, a Muslim grandmother, a Jewish mother and an adopted girl in Jerusalem’s Old City.

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