100-Year-Old Woman Gets Her 'Wish of a Lifetime'

A non-profit organization granted Ruby Holt's wish to see the ocean for the first time.

Posted in , Nov 21, 2014

Ruby Holt on the beach for the first time

Ruby Holt had done many things in her century on earth. The mother of four spent her years working on a farm and raising her family in rural, land-locked Tennessee. But for her 101st birthday, there was one thing Holt wanted to do more than anything else: see the ocean for the first time.

She had never found the time or the money to travel, and now the wheelchair-bound Holt was living in an assisted living facility. “I’ve heard people talk about it and how wonderful it was and wanted to see it, but I never had the opportunity to do so,” she said.

The odds of making the 400-mile trip to the Gulf of Mexico at her age seemed slim, until the earth angels at her facility contacted the Wish of a Lifetime organization about Holt's wish. The non-profit organization specifically for seniors sent Holt on an all-expense-paid trip to the Gulf of Mexico to see the ocean, equipped with a motorized wheelchair with heavy-duty tires so she could easily roll over the sand. 

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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