Guideposts in Portugal!

Norman Vincent Peale's daughter Maggie Peale Everett shares her experience leading Guideposts readers on a tour of sunny Portugal.

- Posted on Nov 12, 2015

Guideposts in Portugal

It is 73 degrees with a strong sun that blinds you as it is reflected off the Atlantic Ocean. It is Portugal in November. The Guideposts tour titled "Sunny Portugal" is living up to its billing.

Thirty-one of us arrived bleary-eyed but eager to begin Guideposts fifth venture into international travel.

"I signed up for this trip because I wanted to travel with like-minded people," Judy Hirou, a first time traveler with Guideposts, told me.   That obviously paid off because the nine of us pictured here had returned again (and again) after successful first time travel adventures.

Brigitte Britton was on Guideposts first trip-to Germany.  She has returned this year, bringing her husband, daughter and son-in-law with her.

Jean Fischer was one of the first to sign up for Portugal having enjoyed Guideposts trips to Italy and Ireland.

Italy travelers Holly and Randy Adams are here, but last year's trip to Ireland takes the "repeat" prize with Judy Knoblock, Donna Pearson and Shirley McKinney all onboard.  And I have had the privilege of co-hosting the trips to Italy, Ireland and the Holy Lands.

We have basked in the sun on Portugal's riviera, enjoyed Fado music, wandered up and down cobblestone streets, visited towns built around Moorish castles and gotten history lessons from our charming guide Angela.  And of course we have eaten too much and shopped and shopped.

When I hear from our travelers "we love Guideposts" I think of the number of times this phrase is repeated in the far flung corners of the country. It makes me proud and I hope it makes you proud as well.

Check out these photos from Portugal.


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