Pilgrimage: An Amazing Journey in Spain

Pilgrimage: An Amazing Journey in Spain

Check out our interview with Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray, 'I'll Push You': An Inspiring Journey through Spain.

  • Justin Skeesuck

    Justin's Autoimmune Disease

    At 16, a car accident triggered Justin's autoimmune disease and now he is wheelchair-bound, but that hasn't stopped "The Disabled Traveler" from seeing the world and inspiring others to do the same.

  • Justin and Patrick exiting the plane in San Francisco

    I'll Push You

    Though totally unable to move himself, Justin desired to complete the 500-mile Camino hike across Spain and his best friend Patrick said, "I'll push you".

  • Patrick pushes justin

    Trekking through Spain

    Patrick pushes Justin over a bridge in Spain

  • Patrick pushing Justin on the road

    A Month-Long Excursion

    It took Patrick and Justin 34 days to complete this popular stretch of the Camino de Santiago.

  • Patrick and Justin at the crest of a hill

  • Patrick and Justin visit monastery

    Keeping the Faith

    Patrick and Justin visited a monastery while in Europe and both credit their faith in God for getting them through one of the most grueling and amazing experiences of their lives.

  • Justin and Patrick do some climbing in the company of friends and supporters

    Rocky Terrain

    The Camino is full of hills and valleys, mountains, but the two got help from strangers who quickly became friends along the way.

  • Patrick Gray pulling Justin Skeesuck in a wheelchair up a hill with help from strangers

    Helping Hands

    Many people helped Patrick carry Justin to the finish line.

  • Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck along with friends they met on the Camino

    It's All About Community

    Patrick tells Guideposts.org: "Having all those individuals that helped carry us to the finish line was a demonstration of the power that God has when people respond to those they see in need. That's the beauty of community and the need that we have to live in community with others. We’re all God’s hands and feet. His spirit is alive and well through those who are obedient and want to see the Kingdom intersect with lives, right here, right now."

  • Justin and Patrick on the road at sunrise

    The Glory of God

    Justin and Patrick reflect on the glory of God as the sun rises over the Camino.


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