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Author and motivational speaker Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton on the Secret to True Wellness

In this series of videos, the former NFL player, motivational speaker and author of The Greatest You gets real about his faith, his failures and how he tapped both to discover his life's purpose. 

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Benedictine onk turned money manager Doug Lynam

A Monk-Turned-Money Manager Shares His Best Financial Advice

Doug Lynam, a money manager who was formerly a Benedictine monk, offers financial tips from his unique background and distinct point of view.

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Finding meaning in grief

How to Use Personal Hardships to Help Others

When we face adversity, we have a choice. We can give up or turn our situation into something meaningful.

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An addiciton counseling session

Healing Relationships in Recovery

An expert in addiction treatment explores the impact the disease has on relationships.

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AA helped Bob (here with his wife, Alice) learn to love unselfishly.

How Gratitude Helped Him Stay Sober

Despite a terminal cancer diagnosis, he feels blessed.

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Carol Zemola Garsee

Everyday Greatness: This 77-Year-Old Woman Biked Across the Country

Twelve years sober, she talked to God while cycling and raised money for several charities.

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Picnic on the beach

Why a Simple Sandwich Tastes Better at the Beach

With minimal effort, dining alfresco offers health benefits from stress reduction to boosted immunity—and a renewed focus on food.

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the importance of relaxing

The Pleasure and Power of Doing Nothing at All

Summertime is the ideal season to embrace the notion that “being” can sometimes outrank “doing” as a top activity.

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A joyful woman relaxing in tall grass.

3 Ways to Cultivate Joy as a Perfectionist

Implement these tips into your daily life for a more delightful relationship with God.

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Life stories in the Bible

Life Lessons for Today from the Bible

How biblical stories can guide us in navigating modern life.

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5 Tips for the Best Summer Naps

5 Tips for the Best Summer Naps

Napping can improve memory, mood and alertness—among other things.

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A man writing a letter.

How a Letter Saved Him from Alcohol Addiction

After driving under the influence of alcohol, a message of faith propelled him to change his life around.

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