Get Into the Prayer Habit: Start With Our 30 Days of Prayer

Pick a time and place everyday when you can get prayerful.

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Prayer is a habit. It’s a little like running, like going to bed at a reasonable hour, like eating decently, like remembering to write a thank you note, like saying something kind when that wasn’t really your first thought.

It’s funny, when we talk about habit-forming stuff, we usually mention the bad things—bad habits like cigarette-smoking, driving too fast, chewing with your mouth open, interrupting people, swearing. But the easiest way for me to get rid of one of those is to inculcate a good habit. Like prayer.

How do you do that? Pick a time and place everyday when you can get prayerful. For me it happens to be my morning commute on the New York subway. I read a few verses of a psalm and then close my eyes, the noise of the train on the tracks drowning out any other. But surely you can find something even better that works for you.

Here’s a way to start. This month of September we’re launching a 30-day prayer program. You can sign up and get a short inspiring thought everyday. Try it.

The point about developing a good habit is that you don’t have to think about it. You just do it. Some mornings I don’t feel like praying, but I open my pocket Bible, the train takes off, it rumbles down the tunnel and my soul takes off too.

Good habits need reinforcing. That’s why I’ve signed up for the 30-Day Prayer program. There are more than a few bad habits I need to work on.

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