Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.
Joy of giving
Positive Living

How Giving to Others Makes Us Feel Good

What would happen if we re-framed donating to charity as a joyful activity instead of a moral obligation?

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Santa's sleigh
Positive Living

Yes, Santa Does Belong in Christmas

Think gift-giving has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus? Bah! Humbug!

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Edward and Gracie

Blessed by a Brave Dog and a Kind God

After a run-in with a porcupine, a beloved pet receives help and comfort. And a toy.

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Loving the smell of coffee
Positive Living

How to Cultivate Gratitude Even When Things Aren’t Going Great

Gratitude isn’t just for sunny days—it’s an unending well of calming, grounding support you can access no matter what’s happening in your life.

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Thanksgiving Day of Prayer
Holiday Prayers

Join Us for a Thanksgiving Day of Prayer: Grateful in Any Circumstance

The perfect antidote to tough times? Acknowledging our blessings. We want to hear yours!

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Woman looks up, gasping in amazement (Getty Images)

5 Stories That Prove There’s No Such Thing as Chance

These five stories of miraculous encounters and connections show us that every moment is by God’s design. 

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Praising God
Deepen Your Faith

Why Praising God Is a Gift for Us

These Bible passages will steer us toward the wonders of gratitude.

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An illustration of a sitting angel; Illustration by Nicole Xu

A Christmas Eve Blessing From the Angels

She had been so worried about her daughter’s hearing problems. Then an angelic light filled the house.

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Rick Hamlin
Seasonal Prayers

Let Us Know What You’re Grateful For

In a season of thankfulness, how is God moving in your life?

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Peggy Frezon and her two golden retrievers, Petey and Earnest

Seven Ways a Pet Can Bless Your Life

Peggy Frezon shares seven reasons she’s grateful for her golden retrievers, Ernest and Petey.

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