Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.
How to laugh more
Emotional and Mental Health

3 Ways to Lighten Up

If laughter is the best medicine, how do we get more of it in our lives?

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How God helps when you can't see a way out
Inspiring Stories

When You Can’t See a Way Out, God Can

A cash-strapped family finds unexpected help from their friends.

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The blessings of a detour
Managing Life Changes

4 Reasons to Embrace a Detour

Sure, it may not be the quickest way to your destination. But it may be the best.

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Actress Jaclyn Smith

Guideposts Classics: Jaclyn Smith on the Blessings of Home

In this story from March 2009, the actress shares why, even with all her world travels, home is the place she loves most.

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Arlene and Richard Boyd

Dancing Through Alzheimer's

Throughout their 61-year marriage Richard and Arlene Boyd used to dance together every weekend. Then she got Alzheimer's. Now the couple is back on the dance floor.

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Alzheimer's Disease: Dancing Helps This Couple Heal

Alzheimer's Disease: Dancing Helps This Couple Heal

Arlene Boyd's Alzheimer's diagnosis changed so much of her life with her husband Richard, but dancing together still brings them joy.

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Oprah's Gospel Brunch
Finding Life Purpose

Inside Oprah's 'Super Soul' Gospel Brunch

The TV legend invited Guideposts to cover her star-studded, spirit-filled event and book launch party for The Wisdom of Sundays at her California home.

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Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry
Life After Death

'The Miracle Man' Who Went to Heaven and Came Back

Doctors couldn't explain how Darryl "The Miracle Man" Perry came back to life. But he knew it was all God's doing.

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An assortment of laughing faces
God's Grace

Divine Humor: How Laughter Benefits Us Spiritually

A good belly laugh goes a long way toward making most of us feel better, but is there a spiritual benefit to it?

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Thank you when things go wrong
Persistent Prayer

Giving Thanks When Things Don't Go Your Way

Gratitude can be found in less than ideal circumstances

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