Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.

A lost wallet and the kindness of others
Positive Living

Seeing Life Through a Lens of Joy

A wallet is left at a gas station. Then good things begin to happen.


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Turning a toast into prayer
Pray Effectively

How to Turn a Toast into a Prayer

An invitation to offer a toast offers the opportunity to pray and offer a blessing.

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Choosing to be thankful when things go wrong.
Positive Living

Choosing Gratitude Over Grumbling

An epic bus ride offers the option to be thankful for what didn't go wrong.

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When it's time to let go so God can give you something better.
Positive Living

When It’s Time to Let Go

Sometimes God has a bigger blessing waiting for us.

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How to comfort friends in need.

5 Ways to Help Friends in Need

Even when you can’t fix someone else’s problem, you can help them cope.

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How to have an angelic August and summer.
Positive Thinking

Embracing an Angelic August

Thoughts on the peak of summer

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Text a prayer.
Power of Prayer

Text a Prayer

Let us give thanks for the times when cell phones can connect us to what’s good and godly.

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Shift your focus to appreciate your blessings.
Positive Living

An Eye-Opening Experience

One lunch with a friend leads to a fresh appreciation of blessings and a change of focus.

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Don't lose your family's military memories.
Military Outreach

Don’t Lose Those Military Memories

A last-minute peek reveals a box holding missing family treasures.

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Why God always sees your worth.
Positive Living

Why God Always Sees Your Worth

Never lose sight of the gifts you have to share with others.

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