Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.
An artist's rendering of Janice's heavenly vision
Managing Life Changes

On Heaven’s White Horse

She struggled to finally come to terms with the death of her teenage daughter.

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Colonel Greg Gadson
Finding Life Purpose

The Faith to Stand Tall

Returning soldiers face incredible adversity. This one found the faith to grow strong in it.

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Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway
Stories of Faith

The Gift of Faith

For my birthday this year, I’m celebrating the gifts God has given me.

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Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Mornings with Jesus contributor
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

Invite Jesus to Lead You

The miracle of salvation still happens to all those who receive Him.

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Singer-songwriter Matthew West
Positive Living

Everyone Has an Inspiring Story

In 2007, this popular singer almost lost his voice. Not long after, he started singing your stories.

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Karen Valentin, contributor to Daily Guideposts 2013
Devotions for Inspiration

The Grace of God's Comfort

God loves each of us and cares about our sadness and frustrations, be they great or little.

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Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell in Groundhog Day
Movies and TV

Reel Inspiration

The film Groundhog Day helps a writer begin to appreciate the blessings in his life.

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Christian writer, Marci Alborghetti
Prayers for Loved Ones

Thank God for the Angels

Marcia Alborghetti shares a beautiful prayer of gratitude for the angels in your life.

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Prayer blogger Peola Hicks
Prayers for Stronger Faith

Praying to Share Our Gifts

It’s always good to start the new year with a prayer point, one that points God in the direction of our need. Here is mine.

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