Blessings are all around us, if we have our eyes open to noticing the ways our families, friends, community, and God bless and enrich our lives each day.
Prayer blogger Rick Hamlin
Inspirational Prayers

"To Sing Is to Pray Twice"

During my daily subway prayer time, I heard a woman singing a favorite hymn. I couldn’t help but sing back to her.

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A steaming cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans
God's Grace

A Heavenly Pick-Me-Up

I was a single mom, raising four kids on my own, too broke to afford even my morning coffee.  Then I got the call...

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Car in blizzard conditions.

Rescued by a Mysterious Stranger

When snow stranded us, I wondered how I’d get my babies home. Until a stranger pulled up.

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Stephanie Samoy's niece, Natalie

Earning Their Wings: How Sweet She Is

A Guideposts staffer's 16-year-old niece proves to be oh so angelic, and mature beyond her years.

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An artist's rendering of an airborne bunch of red balloons

Balloons from Beyond

A widow missing her departed husband is presented with a special token of their love.

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Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief, Angels on Earth

Random Acts of Everyday Angels

It's all too easy to overlook the daily kindnesses performed on our behalf.

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Haengso Hong (right) with his rescuer, Robert Fusté
God's Grace

Saved by the Father's Warmth

A seminary student experiences a crisis of faith when he finds his life in imminent danger.

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Turban ladies gather to sew head garb for cancer patients
Living With Cancer

Serving from the Heart

An inspired church community makes a difference with their sewing and kitchen skills.

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Priceless china plates are a reminder of God's love.
God's Grace

Priceless Plates

Mom passed away when I was twelve, and I had nothing left to remember her by... until one Mother's Day.

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Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan
Inspiring Stories

Beautiful Busy Day

I wish I wasn’t so busy. Maybe I should have taken the day off. But there are things to do and commitments to meet. But ah, such commitments!

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