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Farmer's market

5 Ways to Have a Positive Experience at the Farmer’s Market

A weekly trip to the farmer’s market is an opportunity to connect to the people and products that make your community a positive place to live.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiJul 20, 2017

6 Ways a Military Mom Moved On

A military mom learns that she can’t control everything in life after her son enlists.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonJul 20, 2017
10 ways to help the sandwich generation

10 Ways to Bless the Sandwich Generation

Parents are often playing the role of caregivers to older family members as well. Here’s how you can help.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxJul 19, 2017
Prayer in the workplace

Prayer Fellowship at Work

Finding a way to talk with God as you go about your workday.

Life, Faith & Prayer
Pablo DiazJul 19, 2017
Finding Jesus in everyday moments.

Looking for Signs of Jesus in Everyday Life

There are moments when God feels vividly present, in an unexpected note, an act of kindness or a beautiful sunset.

On the Journey
Rick HamlinJul 18, 2017
What to do when you're annoyed.

When Others Get on Your Nerves

An annoying distraction in church leads to some insight–and wisdom.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawayJul 18, 2017
4 hard prayers to pray

4 Prayers That Are Seldom Easy But Always Worth It

These four “hard prayers” are not only biblical; they will also deepen and broaden your praying while enriching your life. 

A Thousand Ways to Pray
Bob HostetlerJul 17, 2017

Happy Bastille Day!

On the Journey
Rick HamlinJul 14, 2017
Queen for a day

When It’s Time to Pause and Play

For a busy grandmother on deadline, it’s important to set aside work for a bit and let her young granddaughter crown her queen for a day.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxJul 14, 2017

'The Star Thrower' and the Difference You Can Make

The famous story of the boy who saved starfish is an inspiring summer reflection on how even if we can’t do it all, we can do a whole lot of good in the world.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiJul 14, 2017
How to let God work through you.

Keeping a Clean Heart and Spirit

If your spiritual life gets bogged down, all you have to do is ask for help.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonJul 13, 2017