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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
While They Serve

Remembering Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

Visiting The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery brings home the sacrfice our military men and women make for freedom.

When life's emergencies happen don't forget to dial your spiritual 911 for comfort.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Your Spiritual 911

Life can bring unwelcome surprises whether we’re ready or not. But comfort is at hand.

How faith, generosity and spiritual habits lead to true happiness.
Life, Faith & Prayer

What Makes You Happy?

It’s not necessarily a bigger house, more money or a new job

Ghost Racer video about a missed dad will move you.
Mysterious Ways

Ghost Racer Video Offers Comfort Around Loss of a Dad

“Player Two” transforms a gamer’s YouTube comment into an emotional short film about missing a dad.

5 Bible verses to banish fear.
On the Journey

5 Bible Verses to Banish Fear

How to let worry become an opportunity for prayer

How an angel comforted a grieving sister.
All About Angels

An Angel's Words of Comfort

A grieving sister is reassured after her brother's death.

Why a Holocaust survivor feeds the pigeons in his New York City neighborhood.
Seeds of Devotion

A Survivor’s Actions Made Clear

Why did the seemingly irritable, elderly woman in a New York City neighborhood insist on feeding the pigeons?

Applying mindfulness meditation to problem solving.
Mysterious Ways

Slow Down and Appreciate Each Moment

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman finds a mindful weekend retreat helps him de-stress and harmonize his thoughts.

7 ways to feel compassion for others in pain
Life with a Southern Grandmother

7 Things to Know About Arthritis

Arthritis Awareness Month offers many opportunities for compassion toward sufferers and their families.

National Brother's Day is May 24. How one Marine reached out to his younger brothers during deployment.
While They Serve

National Brother's Day

How one Marine reached out to his siblings during deployment

5 surprising Bible verses to pray.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

5 Surprising Bible Verses to Pray

Yes, you can pray for God to have your back and to deliver you from “hard testing.”