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God makes appointments for each of us.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

When God Makes Appointments for Us

Our loving Father has made a plan and purpose—appointments—for each of us.

A father speaks to his daughter in a series of signs from heaven.
Lunch-Break Miracles

A Father Speaks to His Daughter from Heaven

Today's miracle from guest blogger Arlene Shovald tells the story of a series of miraculous signs.

For military families, God is always near.
While They Serve

God Is Always Near

A military mom learns that God is always there–with the soldiers on patrol and the families left behind.

Surrender to God.
Family Grace

When to Surrender to God

Surrendering to God means relinquishing what is precious, to trust His purpose and plan.

Happy marriage
Deadlines, Grocery Lines, Laugh Lines

Keys to a Happy Marriage

After 24 years of a happy marriage, here are my top 3 tips!

Bible verses for every month of the year.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

A Bible Verse to Pray Every Month

A new way to find the perfect prayer in the Bible for certain days throughout the year

Is God on your to-do list?
While They Serve

Is God on Your To-Do List?

Military moms: If your days spin by on autopilot, here's a Bible verse to help make God a priority.

Do you see God's face in the clouds?
Lunch-Break Miracles

Do You See God's Face in the Clouds?

A colleague experiences a miracle while at an open-air church service in Long Island

Are rainbows signs from God?
Mysterious Ways

Are Rainbows Signs from God?

On a cruise to the last frontier, a weird illusion was a sign of things to come.

What children can teach us about love.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

What Our Children Can Teach Us About Love

What if Christians loved each other with the purity of a child's love?

God always provides. Here is a gift of a brooch given to Shawnelle.
Family Grace

Confidence in God's Provision

If I’m a careful observer, an attentive listener, the Lord will show me how to share the gifts He’s given me.