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Healing prayer

Pray for Healing

A church barbecue offers the opportunity to ask God to provide relief for others.

On the Journey
Rick HamlinSep 19, 2017
Live for today

Rejoice in Today

Own today, rest in it, be thankful for it. Tomorrow will be what tomorrow will be.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawaySep 19, 2017
Feeding a son returning from military deployment

Feeding My Son

A military mom better understands God’s generosity as she welcomes home her deployed son.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonSep 18, 2017
Personality and prayer

How Does Personality Affect Your Prayer?

Discovering and understanding your personality can be an aid to prayer.

A Thousand Ways to Pray
Bob HostetlerSep 18, 2017
Palm trees in a storm

A Worried Mom Waits Out the Storm

As Hurricane Irma bore down on her son’s family in Florida, a mother finds spiritual refuge.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxSep 15, 2017

The Art (and Craft) of Community-Building

Being part of a public art project reminds me of how connected we are when we work together to create something.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiSep 14, 2017
Working parent

On Working Parents Day, Don’t Forget Military Families

How you can help parents in your community who also serve in the military or the reserves.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonSep 14, 2017
Flood rescue

7 Lessons Learned from Hurricane Harvey

In the middle of devastation and suffering, witnessing moments of love and grace

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxSep 13, 2017
Finding a purpose in life

4 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to uncover joy in your life and ways to help others

Life, Faith & Prayer
Pablo DiazSep 13, 2017
Road trip

Father/Son Road Trip

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is your time. That was my 30-year-old son’s gift to me.

On the Journey
Rick HamlinSep 12, 2017
First day of high school

First Day of High School

A mom reflects on a son's road to adulthood.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawaySep 12, 2017