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When you don't want to act like a Christian
Seeds of Devotion

How to Handle Frustration

Advice for times when you feel like a spiteful pre-teen, not a faith-filled adult.

How to not fear death and look forward to heaven.
All About Angels

The Journey to Heaven

How not to fear the transition from life to death

God's gift of patience
On the Journey

Patience–God's Grace at Work

When patience comes, it’s really not through any of my own doing.

How to pray when you're on vacation
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray on Vacation

For some, vacation is a disruption in their prayer lives; for others it’s an eruption! 

A Blue Star road marker in Long Island, NY.
While They Serve

What Is a Blue Star Memorial Highway?

Many of our nation's roadways are dedicated to those in the military who sacrificed so much.

Like a good GPS, God's directions will never throw us off course.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Following God’s Directions

Like a spiritual GPS, His guidance will never steer us off course.

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale's granddaughter for all the inspiration
Positive Outreach

Inspired to Say Thank You

Gratitude from Norman Vincent Peale’s granddaughter

Honor military parents on Parents' Day.
While They Serve

Honoring Parents in the Military

On Parents' Day, remember those who have worked to make our country safe for all families.

Shift your focus to appreciate your blessings.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

An Eye-Opening Experience

One lunch with a friend leads to a fresh appreciation of blessings and a change of focus.

When you feel like cursing, turn to the Psalms.
Life, Faith & Prayer

The Best Way to Express Frustration

When emotions run high, how can you show your feelings without regret?

The story behind "An Angel Named Bill" which appeared in Angels on Earth magazine
All About Angels

The Story behind ‘An Angel Named Bill'

How a story about an angel escorting an elderly mom to heaven came to be published in Angels on Earth.