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Can God speak to us through silence?
Mysterious Ways

Can God Speak Through Silence?

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman went on a silent retreat to find out.

Finding the beauty from adversity
While They Serve

Surviving Adversity, Finding Beauty

As in nature, seasons of stress can produce outcomes of beauty and hope. 

Always pray for healing
Life, Faith & Prayer

Praying for Healing

How God heals is sometimes mysterious, but we should never stop praying for it.

All of our friends are gifts from God.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Friends for All Seasons

There are family friends, prayer friends, lunch friends, writing friends–all gifts from God

bite your tongue
Seeds of Devotion

Why You Should Bite Your Tongue

When your inner voice is screaming, something better is waiting beyond the noise.

A transit hub in New York City that's a little like heaven.
Lunch-Break Miracles

A Place Just Like Heaven

A busy transit hub in Manhattan that encourages divine feelings

Pray not just for relief from a bad situation, but for something amazing to happen.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray for Blessings from Disappointment

Don’t just pray for relief or deliverance. Pray for God to turn a bad situation on its head.

In times of danger, stress and fear, Psalm 23 promises God's comfort of food and rst.
While They Serve

The Comfort of Psalm 23

In the face of stress and fear, God will provide food and rest.

Voice of God
Mysterious Ways

Is God’s Voice Real?

Take our survey and help us discover how common, or uncommon, it is to hear God speak.

passing down faith
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Passing the Faith from Generation to Generation

As a grandmother, it gives me great joy to sit in church with my grandchildren, to see the torch of faith handed down to them. 

autumn mountains
While They Serve

The Beauty in Adversity

Sometimes, it's the cold, dark nights that lead to the most beautiful mornings.