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Add a little wonder to your day by celebrating a holiday each day of the year.
Lunch-Break Miracles

Celebrate a Holiday Each Day of the Year

Nothing puts a little pep in your step like National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day.

Open up your heart so God can come in.
While They Serve

Keeping an Open Heart

When a loved one is deployed, letting your emotions outand God incan bring true comfort.

Forgiveness on Rosh Hashanah
Mysterious Ways

An Unexpected Opportunity to Forgive

Rosh Hashanah teaches us to forgive. But how could I ever forgive the kid who bullied me? 

Practice compassion and mercy on a daily basis.
Life, Faith & Prayer

How Our Faith Can Make a Difference in the World

Don’t be distracted from performing daily acts of mercy, compassion and grace.

What does it really mean to "let go and let God?"
Seeds of Devotion

What Does 'Let Go and Let God' Really Mean?

God's will may test us in ways that are difficult to contemplate.

4 simple prayers for fall
A Thousand Ways to Pray

4 Simple Prayers for Fall

Let the changing season turn you to new prayers.

Why we should honor the military's Gold Star Mothers
While They Serve

Honoring the Military’s Gold Star Mothers

Shining a light on the sacrifice and service of mothers who have lost a child in battle

A prayer for autumn to slow down and appreciate the season.
Lunch-Break Miracles

Slow Down and Savor the Season of Fall

A prayer to help you contemplate the transformative wonders of autumn.

Can God speak to us through silence?
Mysterious Ways

Can God Speak Through Silence?

Assistant editor Dan Hoffman went on a silent retreat to find out.

Finding the beauty from adversity
While They Serve

Surviving Adversity, Finding Beauty

As in nature, seasons of stress can produce outcomes of beauty and hope. 

Always pray for healing
Life, Faith & Prayer

Praying for Healing

How God heals is sometimes mysterious, but we should never stop praying for it.