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4 short prayers for anxiety

4 Short Prayers for Fighting Anxiety

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale offers prayers for every anxious situation we may face.

Life, Faith & Prayer
Pablo DiazMar 30, 2017
Stuck in traffic.

Stress Isn’t Forever

A traffic jam isn’t forever; uncertainty isn’t forever; even suffering isn’t forever.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawayMar 29, 2017
7 ways to pray without ceasing

7 Ways to Pray Without Ceasing

You don’t always have to be on your knees, head bowed, eyes closed.

On the Journey
Rick HamlinMar 29, 2017
A military mom copes with her son being away on his birthday.

The Birthday We Spent Apart

A military mom learns how to celebrate her son’s birthday when he’s deployed.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonMar 28, 2017
How to prayer journal.

6 Ways to Prayer Journal

You don’t have to be a writer to journal your way to a deeper prayer life.

A Thousand Ways to Pray
Bob HostetlerMar 28, 2017
How colors affect your emotions.

The Emotional Impact of Color

Becoming aware of how colors affect your emotions can help you live a more positive life.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiMar 27, 2017
Military family enjoying time at home

3 Ways to Cope When Life Is Disrupted

For military families, schedules and plans can change in an instant. Here’s how to manage.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonMar 24, 2017
Pruning fruit trees

The Spring-Cleaning Job I Look Forward to Most

“Remove to renew” is a guiding principle in my tiny fruit orchard as well as in my life.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiMar 24, 2017
How to feel thankful during difficult times.

5 Reasons to Thank God for Difficult Days

None of our life experiences goes to waste. God can use all of them if we’ll let Him.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxMar 23, 2017
Why you should praywhen you can't sleep.

When You Can’t Sleep, Pray

Every hour of the day belongs to the Lord, even those when you’re half-awake.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawayMar 22, 2017
Encourage someone this Lent.

Encourage Someone for Lent

How a timely smile keeps a tired jogger going each morning

On the Journey
Rick HamlinMar 22, 2017