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comfort youserlf
Life with a Southern Grandmother

A God Who Never Changes

The world is always changing, but one thing forever remains the same.

Back to School Prayers
Life, Faith & Prayer

6 Back-to-School Prayers for Kids

Children's Day of Prayer is September 6. Here are 6 prayers to pray for kids heading back to school.

funeral prayers, farewell prayers
On the Journey

A Farewell Prayer

At a funeral for a beloved church member, Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin says a farewell prayer.

Be Thankful
Seeds of Devotion

Remember to Count Your Blessings

We can't control the hand we're dealt, but we can do our very best with what we've got.

end of summer
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Five Prayers for the End of Summer

These beautiful words will help you give thanks to God for all that did and didn't happen this season.

military woman
While They Serve

Decoding Military Terms: A Guide for Families and Loved Ones

This military mom offers a helpful guide to understanding military acronyms, abbreviation and slang.

Rome Hotel Search
Lunch-Break Miracles

A Divinely Discovered Hotel Deal

Looking for a nice hotel in Rome was getting expensive, but a misspelled Google search yielded a divine deal.

Outdoor Patio
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Finding Peace in an Outdoor Sanctuary

Even when unexpected visitors show up, you can find peace in God's creation.

Mysterious Ways

A Spiritual Bond Reunites Old Friends

After 5 years apart, these very different friends learned how similar their spiritual lives had become.

Stubby Squid
Lunch-Break Miracles

Adorable Stubby Squid Breaks the Internet

Watch the viral video of the amazing creature these scientists stumbled upon on the ocean floor.

how to adopt a soldier
While They Serve

How to Adopt a Soldier

This school year, teach your kids how to make care packages for our troops.

care for senior citizens
Life with a Southern Grandmother

7 Ways to Bless Senior Citizens

These small ways to be a blessing sound so simple, but they can mean so much.