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Encourage someone this Lent.

Encourage Someone for Lent

How a timely smile keeps a tired jogger going each morning

On the Journey
Rick HamlinMar 22, 2017
Judging others hurts them and you.

Judge Not—Love More

None of us are in a position to cast stones; we are all in need of grace.

mrobersonMar 21, 2017
How to help single parents in a military family

4 Ways to Help Single-Parent Military Families

Deployment forces single-parenthood on a military family. How to become a blessing in that scenario.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonMar 21, 2017
A gym lock and a mystery.

The 'Mysterious Ways' in My Quest for a Gym Lock

What are the chances my friend would call with exactly what I needed, right on time?

Lunch-Break Miracles
Diana AydinMar 21, 2017
After a sneeze, praying beyond "bless you."

After ‘Achoo,’ a New Way to Pray

Once you say “bless you,” to someone who has sneezed, you can pray a step further.

A Thousand Ways to Pray
Bob HostetlerMar 21, 2017
Healing and love

Love and Healing

For every moment of pain in my life there have been many more corresponding moments of kindness and compassion.

Edward GrinnanMar 20, 2017
How coins in a fountain can connect you to something larger.

Can a ‘Wishing Well’ Connect Us With a Higher Power?

Tossing coins in a fountain forms a deeper spiritual connection, writes Mysterious Ways assistant editor Dan Hoffman.

Mysterious Ways
Adam HunterMar 20, 2017
Feeling lost? Turn to the Bible.

Where to Turn When You’re Lost

The best resource for directions in life? The Bible.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxMar 20, 2017
A warm welcome at the American Bible Society

Finding God’s Grace at the American Bible Society

A warm welcome and celebration of the Peale legacy at the new headquarters in Philadelphia

Positive Outreach
Katie Allen BerlandiMar 20, 2017
Cheap ways to practice self-care

3 Free and Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

A positive lifestyle includes practices that nurture and love the self, no expensive appointments required. 

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiMar 20, 2017
Recipes that use lemon. Lemon roast chicken.

Recipe: The Lemony Pleasures of Spring Cooking

Lemon is the flavor I crave most when spring is approaching. Let its zing wake up your meals from morning to night.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiMar 17, 2017