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Have a daily retreat

Refresh Yourself with a Retreat

Sometimes the best way to freshen your attitude is by stepping away from your everyday routine.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiOct 20, 2017
Raking leaves, doing a good job.

The Power of a Good Attitude

Doing even the simplest job with the best of intentions serves everyone.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxOct 20, 2017
Jump at the chance to be kind

Jumping at a Chance to Be Kind

Look for moments when the world is need of a good deed, and you will find yourself surrounded with positive opportunities.

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiOct 19, 2017
Big questions for God

What Are Your Big Questions?

Mysterious Ways wants to know what you're just itching to ask God.

Lunch-Break Miracles
Diana AydinOct 19, 2017
U.S. Marine

5 Hats a Military Family Must Wear

In military slang, a cap is a "cover." Here are some that loved ones of the enlisted should get comfortable wearing.

While They Serve
Edie MelsonOct 19, 2017
God's protection

A God of Protection

How God stands between us and the flames of fear.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxOct 18, 2017

5 Ways to Feel Less Lonely

Isolation isn’t good for your health. Here’s how to reconnect with others and find community.

Life, Faith & Prayer
Pablo DiazOct 18, 2017
Feelings pass

How to Transform Negative Feelings

Most pain, sadness and fear have almost nothing to do with God. This too shall pass.

Seeds of Devotion
Julia AttawayOct 17, 2017
What to pack for a prayer retreat

10 Things to Take on a Prayer Retreat

From walking shoes to a journal to your favorite pillow—what to pack.

A Thousand Ways to Pray
Bob HostetlerOct 16, 2017
Fall garden

The Positive Power of ‘Next Year’ in the Fall Garden

Putting the garden to bed for winter is a surprisingly satisfying job, if we remember that "to everything there is a season."

A Positive Path
Holly Lebowitz RossiOct 13, 2017
Teaching children character

Teaching Our Children Important Lessons

Family is the cornerstone of our society. We can affect the world by instilling character in our kids.

Life with a Southern Grandmother
Michelle CoxOct 13, 2017