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Appreciating the beauty of fall in your own backyard.
Lunch-Break Miracles

Finding Beauty in Your Own Backyard

You often don’t have to travel far to find something of wonder.

A military mom's ABCs to life.
While They Serve

A Military Mom’s ABCs

An alphabetical journey through the experience of a military family

7 prayers for when you're scared
A Thousand Ways to Pray

7 Ways to Pray When You’re Scared

Words of comfort from the Bible when you’re anxious, uncertain or afraid.

Trust the hand of God.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

A Trusted Hand

When you’re afraid to take another step, remember that you’re hand-in-hand with God.

9 coping strategies of a military mom.
While They Serve

9 Coping Tricks of a Military Mom

When your child enters the military, they have a new job. So do you.

Singing as an anecdote to a stressful day
Lunch-Break Miracles

An Inspiration Prescription for a Stressful Day

Take a breath, hit the pause button. Then watch this stunning video of Psalm 53 being sung in Aramaic before Pope Francis.

How to support our spiritual leaders during Clergy Appreciation Month
Life, Faith & Prayer

Supporting Our Spiritual Leaders

Time to remember our pastors and spiritual leaders in prayer and express our gratitude for their ministry.

Carried by the father.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Carried by a Loving Father

Keep these 4 Bible verses in mind when you're tired and weary and feel as if you can't go on.

Shrugging off fear and embracing God's will.
Seeds of Devotion

Shrugging Off Fear

Once you embrace “Thy will be done,” all burdens become lighter.

A granddaughter inspires a grandfather in prayer.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray Imperfectly

Not always intelligible or audible, a little granddaughter’s prayers make perfect sense to God.

17 fun and inexpensive field trips for military families.
While They Serve

17 Fun (And Cheap!) Field Trips for Military Families

Fall afternoons offer time for families to bond, explore and enjoy time together.