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How to pray daily affirmations, not just when you're full of worry or stress.
A Thousand Ways to Pray

Pray Daily Affirmations

Praying only when we are worried, fearful, sad or stressed can be dangerous.

Fight your fears with faith.
While They Serve

Fight Your Fears with Faith

A military mom learns to dig deeply into her faith during her son’s deployment.

When fresh snow is like having a pure heart.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Meditations on Snow and Having a Pure Heart

When our hearts glisten like new fallen snow, we reflect His light.

How to solve a problem: First, identify your fear.
Seeds of Devotion

How to Conquer Fear

Without fear, problems are simpler to understand and easier to solve.

What to give up for Lent? How about worry and stress and having some alone time with God?
On the Journey

What to Give Up for Lent

How about giving up busyness and worry and spending some time alone with God?

How to pray for God's will in your life.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Praying for God’s Will in Your Life

When your purpose aligns with His will, then you can live up to your greatest potential.

Statue of St. Bernadette at the grotto near Lourdes and the miracle story of the winds.
All About Angels

The Miraculous Story of St. Bernadette of Lourdes

St. Bernadette's visions in Lourdes, France, show how God “makes winds His messengers."

Why you should gossip only with God
A Thousand Ways to Pray

7 Reasons to Gossip Only with God

Usually there is only one place to go with negative information about others.

When life feels like a maze, remember that God knows where to turn.
Lunch-Break Miracles

When Life Is Like a Maze

Take comfort that God can see it all, all those troublesome twists and turns.

It's important to share your problems with others. Your burden will be lighter.
While They Serve

Learning to Share Your Burdens

A military mom lives her grandmother’s advice: A burden shared is a burden halved.

Celebrating typewriter artist Paul Smith and his inspirational story.

Typewriter Artist: The Inspiring Story of Paul Smith

Against all odds, a man of incredible genius and faith thrives creatively.