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Reading the Bible
Bible Verses About Faith

What Does the Shortest Bible Verse Tell Us?

Just a couple of words tells us a lot about our Savior.

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Feeling sadness
Coping With Grief

Why Sadness Is Part of a Healthy Grieving Process

Healing after a loss means embracing the fullness of your emotions.

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Plant-based proteins
Health and Wellness

Try Plant-Based Proteins to Cut Your Grocery Bill

As delicious as they are affordable, these nutritious foods make summer eating a joy.

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Head bowed in prayer
How to Pray

Why Bowing is an Essential Part of Prayer Life

Here are five indispensable things it can do for us.

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Rick Hamlin
Persistent Prayer

Why God’s Answer to Prayer Is Always ‘Yes!’

What’s behind getting to the truth of God’s desires for you.

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Tapping technique to reduce anxiety
How to Pray

Tapping—Another Helpful Way to Pray

Adding a spiritual twist to a technique that helps ease stress and anxiety.

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Fresh summer produce

How to Store Summer Fruits and Veggies (And Save Money)

Here are five easy tips to make sure none of the season’s deliciousness goes to waste.

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Meeting neighbors
Positive Living

Positive Living—Finding Happiness in Your Community

New research connects diverse neighborhoods with feelings of satisfaction at home.

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Making time for prayer
How to Pray

Stop Everything and Talk with God

Tips to bring your attention back to prayer and reclaim your time with God.

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Summer heat
Bible Verses

5 Bible Verses to Battle the Summer Heat

Here’s some cooling solace as we weather the rest of the season.

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