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Don't quit on God.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Don’t Quit on God

Big dreams can take discouraging turns. But here are reasons why you should not give up.

A life filled with the love of dogs, compassion and joy.

Dogs, Faith and Mystery

Always By My Side shares how dogs helped fill a life with love, joy and compassion.

Positive thinking at the doctor's
A Positive Path

The Positive Power of Words

We can’t control our medical providers’ words, but we can make our internal monologue positive and healing-focused.

Becoming a spiritual athlete.
While They Serve

Becoming a Spiritual Athlete

Like a soldier in training, we all have a race to run for God.

A friend whose life, even death, was filled with hope.
Life, Faith & Prayer

Hope in Life And Death

Admiration for a friend whose life always held onto the promises of God through faith.

Silence your biggest critics and acknowledge all that you get done in a day.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Silencing My Biggest Critic–Me

Don’t dwell on what doesn’t get crossed off your to-do list. Instead, celebrate what does.

The perfect birthday gift
Seeds of Devotion

The Perfect Birthday Gift

The best gifts are the ones we haven’t thought of yet.

An angel who bakes cakes
All About Angels

An Angel Who Bakes

A morning commute is brightened by an uplifting article about the pastry chef for God’s Love We Deliver.

Some advice about anxiety from a teenager.
On the Journey

A Teenager’s Insight on Anxiety

Our anxieties don’t make us faster or more efficient. They simply make us more anxious.

Celebrating camo green on Valentine's Day
While They Serve

10 Reasons to Love Our Military

In this season of Valentine’s red and pink, some military green

Simple ways to show love.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

Simple Ways to Show Love

As Valentine’s Day approaches, little gifts that don’t cost a lot, if anything.