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Stubby Squid
Lunch-Break Miracles

Adorable Stubby Squid Breaks the Internet

Watch the viral video of the amazing creature these scientists stumbled upon on the ocean floor.

how to adopt a soldier
While They Serve

How to Adopt a Soldier

This school year, teach your kids how to make care packages for our troops.

care for senior citizens
Life with a Southern Grandmother

7 Ways to Bless Senior Citizens

These small ways to be a blessing sound so simple, but they can mean so much. 

What Happens to Unspoken Prayers?
Life, Faith & Prayer

What Happens to Our Unspoken Prayers?

Just as God heard Hannah's unspoken prayers in the Old Testament, God hears ours too.

Practicing the Fruit of the Spirit
On the Journey

Practicing the Fruit of the Spirit

Rick Hamlin shares how Jesus' promise to remain in us if we remain in Him can change our lives for the better.

Do We Meet Our Pets in Heaven? Rainbow Bridge Poem
All About Angels

Do We Reunite with Pets in Heaven?

Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes shares a story of a man and his cat who meet again across the 'Rainbow Bridge'.

Plan A Plan B
Seeds of Devotion

Making Back-Up Plans to Build Your Faith

If one way to draw near to God isn't working, don't give up! Try another.

10 Bible verses to comfort those on military deployment
While They Serve

10 Bible Verses to Encourage a Military Loved One

Comforting quotes for letters or emails to those on deployment

5 ways senior citizens bless us.
Life with a Southern Grandmother

5 Ways Senior Citizens Bless Us

A long life imparts lessons of love, wisdom and faith for others.

A lost wallet and the kindness of others
Positive Outreach

Seeing Life Through a Lens of Joy

A wallet is left at a gas station. Then good things begin to happen.


5 ways to let go of deployment fears.
While They Serve

5 Ways to Let Go of Deployment Fears

There are a lot of negative emotions associated with deployment. How a military family can turn the tide.