A Miracle Cross

Once again, Lent had a special meaning in 2011 for Loci Lenar of Mine Hill, New Jersey.

During every Lent since 2005, the image of a cross has appeared on his backyard fence, and this year was no exception.

The phenomenon begins in mid-March with sunrays shining on the top of the fence. The rays descend until they touch the ground. They then change into a circle, and the circle slowly disappears. The entire process takes about half an hour, and although many observers have offered theories as to where the light is coming from and why it specifically appears during this time of year, no one has solved the mystery.

Last year I introduced Loci to Guideposts readers when he photographed a strange light shining onto a statue of St. Michael the Archangel in a Denville, New Jersey, chapel. Again, there was no source for the light, despite the attempts of many reliable folks to find one.

Like many Christians, I am fascinated with miracles. I know that most of the amazing things that happen to people can never be “proved,” and some simply have a natural explanation. But when I find someone who experiences the touch of angels and miracles on a regular basis, I’m hooked.

Because these heavenly hugs must mean something. And I’d like to know what!